The specter of the use of nuclear weapons always at the center of the conflict in Ukraine and of the defense strategy of neighboring countries, even if so far this war has shown war components more than last century, such as “tank” attacks and “boots on” the ground ”, including the resistance of the territory. And, in any case, if needed, Warsaw suggests that it would be open to a deployment of US nuclear weapons on its territory. This was clearly stated by Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kaczynski in an interview with the German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag, quoted by the Ukrainian media. “If the Americans asked us to keep US nuclear weapons in Poland, we would be open to that.”
Just an understanding, nothing has yet been put on the table, but according to Kaczynski leader of the Party for Law and Justice (PiS) the solution ” would significantly strengthen deterrence on Moscow”, making it clear that the deployment of American nuclear weapons in Poland has not been discussed yet, but “this may change soon”. A few days ago the deputy prime minister had officially asked NATO for a “peace mission” , “protected by the armed forces”, to help Ukraine. According to Kaczynski, the “mission cannot be disarmed. It must try to provide humanitarian and peaceful aid”.
Warsaw at the behest of President Duda himself recently signed the law ‘on defense of the fatherland’which plans to double the number of the country’s armed forces to 300,000 and increase defense spending to 3% of GDP in 2023, a law that – according to the executive – has created the basis for building a Polish army capable of repelling aggression .
In Belarus there is Rivne city around a nuclear power plant. The Russian missiles, launched from the other side, near Brest, have already reached and destroyed the antennas of television stations, two fuel depots and some inhabited centers, killing people. Ukrainian soldiers want to avert the taking of the nuclear power plant, one of the many in the country, but at least as exposed to Putin’s troops as Chernobyl ,for its location. The Russian control of the situation takes place from the sky via drones. After the attack on the Russians aBelgorod , at the Rivne border, there are fears for the vulnerability of the power station where a defense strategy has been studied. “We reflected on what happened weeks ago in that of Zaporizhia , in the south,” said the governor, taking care to keep military tactics secret. “If we are hit” he says “the radioactive disaster will be for everyone, then they can also take the Russian military out of a new Chernobyl, but they will never be able to take out the Chernobyl that enters a military”.
In Chernobyl the Ukrainian national flagit was again raised to the nuclear power plant, the scene of the worst atomic accident in history in 1986 and occupied in the early stages of the invasion by Russian forces. This was announced by the Ukrainian nuclear operator Energoatom through its Telegram channel where it also publishes the photograph of the flag. The ceremony was attended by “The entire personnel of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, who have worked heroically under the harsh conditions of the occupation since 24 February and have provided nuclear and radiation safety to the station and nearby facilities.”

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