According to recent studies, aloe vera for gums is one of the most effective natural remedies with no particular contraindications. In fact, medical science promotes its use in order to bring relief and health to the gingival arch . And in fact, note the soothing action of aloe vera . In this article, we explain what aloe vera is, how to use it and how we can improve the health of our gums .

What is aloe vera
Characteristics and peculiarities

Aloe is a plant native to the hot areas of Africa. Easy to distinguish from other plants, it is characterized by a very high stem that can even exceed one and a half meters in height. In the world there are more than 250 varieties of aloe specimens. Since its discovery, aloe vera has been classified as an alfalfa . Thanks to the intrinsic properties, and note the soothing action of aloe vera.
It is even mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, as well as widely used by the ancient Egyptians. As well as well-known luminaries of medicine speak of it. Dr. Bruce Hedendal argues that the value of aloe vera lies in the fact that it contains mucopolysaccharides (MPS). This is a particular type of sugar considered essential for the proper functioning of the. Furthermore, it is able to create an obstructive barrier to the rooting of microbes and bacteria .
Its broad leaves represent the heart of the plant. In fact, they contain a gel with beneficial properties and a yellow liquid that is obtained by squeezing the leaves where the gel was taken. Both the gel and the liquid are processed and used to make food , cosmetic and herbal products .

Aloe vera gel: how it is made for marketing
As has been abundantly explained in the previous paragraphs, the aloe vera gel is extracted from the leaves of the plant, followed by a process to make it hydrophilic.
Once the extraction has been carried out, a gelling agent is added to it in order to give it a consistency that allows it to be used as an ointment to be applied directly on the gums or as a normal toothpaste . This procedure allows to guarantee, like chemical products, a conservation over time.
It is characterized by being a soft paste halfway between liquid and chewy. However, it remains easy to spread in order to be absorbed by the affected part and not leave a feeling of discomfort in the mouth. Aloe vera gel is nothing more than a mix of extract, water and gum.

Studies on the powers of the gel extracted from aloe vera
A study dating back to 2009, carried out by researchers of theAcademy of General Dentistry , confirmed the medical nature of aloe vera and how its healing power could be used for gum health .
The research decided to compare some industrially and chemically produced toothpastes with the gel extracted from aloe vera. Through some sample tests, it was reached the clinical conclusion that the aloe vera gel could be used not only for hygienic purposes, in order to wash teeth and mouth in general, but also for therapeutic purposes as a remedy for the health of the gums .
The gel works as a soothing refreshing maskacting on the soft substrate of the gum, restoring the original rosy appearance. Excellent for carrying out an anti-redness and healing action for those suffering from periodontal problems including acute gingivitis, narrowing of the spring part and continuous blood loss from the gums.
The curative action of aloe vera in fact extends to the mucous membranes of the mouth, not attacking the same and leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness thanks to the essence of abrasive principles.

How the gel acts on the gums: the soothing action of aloe vera
Based on the above, it is appropriate to be more specific and indicate how the gel can help maintain beautiful and healthy gums. First of all, it must be said that the gel extracted from aloe vera contains lignin and acids, such as chrysophane and cinnamic, which by their nature allow to counteract the formation of plaque and invalidate the attack of harmful bacteria not only for the enamel of teeth, but for the same strength as the gums.
Secondly, the presence of polysaccharides favors the exchange of collagen and therefore the repair of the gums, relieving them of any redness or narrowing with a healing action. Finally, thanks to its consistency, the gel gives a long and prolonged refreshing action to the gums, leaving the oral cavity fresh and giving a pleasant smell.
For a fast and effective result, you can decide to apply the same extracted gel directly on the affected gum area. You can safely perform this operation even for purely preventive purposes, in the sense that there must be no periodontitis in progress. In this case, it is necessary to keep the mixture a little in the mouth and rinse with plenty of warm water after about half an hour.

The marketing of products containing aloe vera
Once, applying aloe to the gums required complex processing techniques. It was necessary to buy the plant and cut the leaves to extract the liquid to apply on the gums by making compresses morning and evening. Now, however, the marketing of products with aloe vera has made it possible to create products that have already been processed. Ready to be applied and used as normal mouthwashes, ointments and toothpastes.
This allowed anyone to tap into the world of aloe vera as a healing plant. Even for those who did not have time to start making do-it-yourself creams. By selling the beautiful and made product, follow the instructions on the box and continue with the application on the gums. We all have to brush our teeth. Why not do it with natural products, following the path opened by our ancestors and respecting what science has decreed on the properties of aloe vera

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