The rise in temperatures invites us to think about our freshest looks. It’s time to say goodbye to sweaters and jackets to welcome dresses, shorts and swimsuits. We love the idea of ​​finally taking our most summery outfits out of the closet, even if that means having to make the dreaded wardrobe change . Before that happens, it is advisable to start by ordering the closet and thus have everything under control for when the terrible moment arrives.
Having little space may make us consider storage ideas to take advantage of the space in a small bedroom, but that does not stop us from organizing our closet in an original way.. Above all, after having discovered how to renovate old furniture and give a new look to the decoration.
In that sense we are already experts and we can do whatever we want with our wardrobe to keep it tidy without spending a single euro . Especially if what we are talking about is taking an open closet out of nowhere . If you have already chosen the best colors to paint the wall of a bedroom, you will only have to choose in which of them you will place that open closet with which, finally, order returns to your clothes and accessories .
To help us organize our clothes and accessories , we have spoken with Ikea’s expert decorators, who have given us the six most original ideasto organize the wardrobe without spending a single euro. For them the key is knowing how to make creativity our best ally . Take out paper and pencil and get ready to get the most tidy and organized closet of all your friends.

Recommendations to organize the closet

Before starting with the original ideas to organize the closet and have your clothes and accessories under control, it is important that you arm yourself with patience and follow a series of basic guidelines to achieve the harmony that your closet needs .

order once and for all. It is something you will do at once and with all your clothes. No half measures, even if it takes more than a day, do it as soon as possible to see the results soon. You will feel more motivated. So take all the clothes you have in closets, dressers, boxes… and classify them by type.

Get rid of the clothes you don’t use . This is basic and necessary, you have to reduce and eliminate all those clothes you don’t wear. To achieve this, make three piles, for example, the pants you want to keep, the pants you want to throw away, and the third pile, with the pants you think need fixing.

organize the closet. First, design your closet with closet interior solutions based on your clothing preferences. Second, leave the clothes you wear less in less accessible places. Finally, group your clothes by color, from darker to lighter.

Help yourself from all resources . Organizing closets would not be the same without the boxes for clothes and the handy hangers. They will help you to have all your clothes in sight and in order. If you are wondering how to store bags or organize shoes, closet clothes organizers may be the solution.

Get your hands on the drawers . Use the organizers for the smallest items, such as underwear, dividers to have everything in sight or boxes and baskets for accessories.

Organize the wall like an open closet
If you have a free wall in the bedroom , use it as a kind of open dressing room to help you distribute different clothes and accessories throughout the space. These are some of the ideas that we recommend to make it perfect:
A standing mirror in which you can see yourself full-length.
If you didn’t keep shoe boxes back in the day, use other storage boxes (preferably monochromatic), to store and stack footwear along with all kinds of accessories.
Several hooks in line and at different heights anchored to the wall for garments.
Other hooks and bars for smaller accessories such as jewelry or belts.

Organize shoes and accessories in an original way

Our favorite proposal is to place the boxes in a tower and with instant photos glued to distinguish which pair of shoes we have inside with a single glance. We really like the idea that the photograph that accompanies the box refers to a special moment when you wore those shoes .
If you don’t have an instant camera, you can use the technique of writing what you keep inside with a marker and pretty handwriting (you can accompany the text with a motivational phrase to get on top, if you want). It is a super personal and original way to keep your shoes organized.

Organize accessories with rails and hooks
The rails are ideal for organizing our small accessories in this open cabinet that we are creating on our wall, such as necklaces, bracelets, headbands or scarves. Although, if you dare to give it an even more striking touch, you can also place some pretty shoes , which will help you with the decoration of the bedroom or dressing room.
But the rails alone are not very useful if we do not add hooks to help us hold the different accessories . Our recommendation is that you do not place too many together on the same hook to avoid unnecessary entanglements or having to remove them all to access the last one. Use all the hooks you want and distribute them on the rails.

A DIY jewelery box on the wall to organize accessories

We couldn’t miss something made with our own hands , don’t you think

We love this idea to place small accessories such as earrings or rings.
Get yourself a photo frame.
Remove the back of the frame.
Remove the glass.
By winding threads or string, create a kind of rail that you will hook to both sides of the frame.
Put as many as you want.
On them you can hang earrings or bracelets.
The bottom of the frame can serve as a support for the rings.
As you can see, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or do great thingsto have an original way of saving the plugins. Savings and imagination are the best companions in your home.

Bet on a decoration for an open wardrobe

In all this area of ​​organization of clothes and accessories we lack a decorative touch that completes it in the best possible way. Taking advantage of the instant photos that we talked about before, why don’t you take some with your best looks

so you can have them in sight so that they serve as inspiration and give you a decorative touch of the most original .

Something logical, order the closet to have more space
We love all the organization ideas for this open closet that we have been creating step by step, but the reality is that we also need to have all our clothes and shoes organized in a practical way.

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