If in the early 2000s Diego Torres wanted us to paint our faces the color of hope, this spring-summer our favorite firms want us to fill our happiest outfits with color. It is true that spring (and, above all, summer) are seasons in which color floods everything , but this year bright tones are the true winners of street style.
We are very clear that this spring-summer the absolute trend is the color pink, dyeing pants, jackets and dresses in this sparkling hue, but that the original and daring of this color does not prevent us from falling in love with the rest of the colors. At first, everything seemed to indicate thatthe pastel tones would be the predominant ones of the season and, although they are very present in most of the collections of our favorite firms, they have not managed to outshine the rest of the colors. Especially when it comes to accessories, in general, and bags in particular.
Perfect companions of the most beautiful denim jackets in our wardrobes, bags this season become that functional accessory, but with which to give the definitive note of color to our outfit. If a few days ago we discovered in Parfoisthe low cost bag that has fallen in love with those who know the most about style, now the colored bags from its new collection have just arrived at the Portuguese accessories firm, which are a real crush and what else are we going to see on Instagram.
If we have learned anything since Instagram came into our lives to completely revolutionize it, it is that those who know the most about fashion would turn this social network into the fashion showcase in which we could all be inspired. That’s why, when a trend hits hard , we can’t stop seeing it in all the Instagram posts and stories and there, on that particular social network, is where we won’t stop seeing the bags that have just arrived at Parfois .
First, because they aresome super trendy bags , they flee from the maxi size and bet heavily on the shoulder strap (blessed comfort). Second, because they are dyed in bright colors and that, as we have already said, is the top trend of spring-summer. In stores, on Instagram and on the street with your friends. Newcomers to the web, these are the six colored bags for which we have felt an authentic crush.

A green, yellow and silver bucket bag

Available in three colours, this original Parfois bucket bag is priced at 17.99 euros.

An intense green shoulder

bag The Parfois bag, which is also available in orange, is priced at 15.99 euros.

A blue shopper bag
The Parfois bag, a total must have, is priced at 25.99 euros.

A mini bag in orange

The Parfois bag, in a mini version, is priced at 23.99 euros.

A mustard-colored quilted bag with a shoulder

strap The Parfois bag, inspired by one of the season’s top trends, is priced at 23.99 euros.

An orange shoulder

bag The Parfois bag is priced at 23.99 euros.

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