We have seen them everywhere and we are absolutely in love with them. The star’s shoes have taken over the outfits of the famous and it doesn’t surprise us at all because they are super original and perfect for any look. Slightly laced up (the Converse style is still the firm’s favourite), these sneakers have a design with simple lines that make their decoration very daring.
With a characteristic star on the side , these shoes are super original because they are full of glitter, the real key to the success of these sneakers. They are so original that we have seen them on Ana de Armas, Vicky Martin Berrocal, Laura Matamoros and even Tamara Falco herself .
Queens of style, they are also committed to sneakers as the perfect shoe for any style, but they are aware that to achieve a very trendy look you have to bet on designs that are a bit out of the norm. Combining Decathlon sneakers with a basic style, resorting to 90s-type sneakers or wearing personalized sneakers can be the key to making a look much more original. For this reason, the shoes of the star worn by the famous seem perfect to us. From the Golden Goose firm , these shoes are quite a claim among the famous.
The only drawback that we find in these shoes is their price, a little more than 400 euros. With countless designs , the Golden Goose firm is committed to making its sneakers completely original sneakers and with which to give you that fashion whim that we all give ourselves from time to time.
Although, as it happens with other articles and accessories that become a super trend, we have found the star’s shoes in their low cost version so that they can be yours for less than 40 euros . A much cheaper price and with which you can wear the shoes of the star that all the famous ones wear. Pay attention to the proposals, because they are going to run out.

The shoes of the star in Moda Brustyle
It is a Spanish company whose objective is to offer different articles, with feminine touches and with a boho style. Among all his proposals we find this version of the star’s shoes that we love. It is a white high-top design that combines the sides in suede, bright blue, glitter and the characteristic star , which on this occasion is fuchsia pink. The black laces make a perfect contrast. You can buy them through their website and they are priced at 31.90 euros.

The shoes of the star of the brand Rosette

Standard-bearer of youth and adolescent fashion, Rosette is a Spanish brand that is characterized by its casual and comfy style in which thepowdery tones . On his website we find this model of the star’s shoe that we also love. On this occasion, the shoe combines an ecru base with pink, gold and gray to give it the most original touch with silver laces . The shoes can be purchased online on their website and are priced at 38 euros.

The shoes of the star of the firm The Desire Shop

They were born with the vocation of proposing stylish garments to go with the latest fashion. With a physical store in La Coruna since 2016, The Desire Shop has an online platform where we have found this original shoe from the star. It is a model in which glitter adorns the tongue, giving the design originality. The star is ducat blue and the laces are camel. The shoes are available online and are priced at 31.16 euros.

The shoes of the star of the firm Mariquita Trasquila

It is one of our reference firms when looking for outfits for the BBC, but it also inspires us when looking for more informal outfits . In Mariquita Trasquila we find the shoes of the star in its tennis version. The first of the proposals presents a red star, the side in turquoise and the back in intense orange. The second proposal has the side full of gold glitterand the laces in black. You can buy both shoes online and they are priced at 24.30 euros.

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