Sex is one of the great pending subjects on television. As in real life, it is one of the quintessential taboo subjects . And when it comes, in most cases, it is done in bad taste and with censorship. With few exceptions. Over the years there have been some programs in which sex has been discussed from a natural and informative point of view. There have been more conflicts regarding the broadcast of porn on television than disclosure programs. We must not forget the time when Canal + started with encrypted porn moviesin order to get subscribers. Talking about sex on television should be one of the most carried out public functions. And neither in the public channels nor in the private ones do they take it seriously. The rule says that in the protected schedule on television there should be no sexual or violent content to protect minors and adolescents. But a good sexual disclosure program would come in handy even for those who are starting to have questions on the subject.
mThe last exception to television is Monica and sex . Monica Naranjopresents this program on Friday nights on Cuatro. In it, the singer travels the world with some friends with sex as the common thread. Its best moments and its worst, sex toys, relationships with men and women, dysfunctions… There are several themes that shine in each of the chapters and they do so with the greatest naturalness and fun possible. But they are episodes that are broadcast too late and therefore see their audience data affected.

Monica thus follows in the footsteps of the few women who over the years have talked about sexology on television. Because we must point out that they have always been the ones who have done it. That if, when the sexologist Elena Ochoa began talking about sex in front of the cameras,behind was Chicho Ibanez Serrador.It was he who at the beginning of the 90s decided to make a program on this subject, once again becoming the pioneer. Chicho had to reassure the sexologist when pronouncing words like penis or premature ejaculation on television. Elena was nervous about the audience’s reaction to being in charge of Let’s talk about sex in La 1. The program was both a success and a failure. He was successful for being a pioneer, for breaking schemes, for daring to divulge, and he even won an award. But in terms of audience and advertisers, I did not achieve the expected results. There were those who took the space as a joke or who considered it too cold, and that made those who paid for advertising back down.

Contradictions that have continued to occur every time there has been talk of sex on television. Carmen Vijande was another of the television sexologists. It was in the Martian Chronicles where this woman talked about sexology. Xavier Sarda’s program , which was broadcast at dawn, did well to bet on this topic from an informative point of view. Ana Rosa Quintana did the same with Olga Bertomeu , this time in the afternoon. The presenter signed the sexologist to create the section of a sexual clinic inSabor a ti . A collaboration that years later continued in El programa de Ana Rosa.Olga, thanks to her collaborations in radio and television programs with presenters such as Jesus Quintero, Tom Martin Benitez, Carlos Herrera or Rafael Cremades, or even with her own program on Canal Sur Radio , became like that friend with that everyone could talk about sex naturally. When he died four years ago, his great work with sexology was highlighted.
In recent years, the woman who has tried the most to spread sex on television has been Lorena Berdun . His great success was the program Dos rombos on RTVE.Since then he has collaborated on programs such as Talk to them, La Sexta noche or Todo va bien . And with you tell me or tell meI get to be nominated for an Emmy award. But despite her attempts to ensure that sex is not a taboo subject on television, there is still a long way to go.

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