Twelve years have passed since the publication of Call me by your name , the book by Andre Aciman made famous by the splendid 2017 film adaptation by Luca Guadagnino . But what happened to Elio and Oliver, the two boys protagonists of a complex and beautiful love story
With the sequel Cercami , from yesterday in the bookstore, Andre Aciman takes us back to their world through the gaze of Samuel, the father of Elio, with a sequel that the author in an interview with Time defined “a sequel different from what we are used to”. READ ALSO: Call me by your name, to discover the places of the film Tempo, Cadenza, Capriccio, Da Capo
Love, destiny, the effects of time and what happens when life escapes you and then you understand how much time you have wasted are the themes of the novel that takes up the story of Elio and Oliver ten years after their farewell. The book is divided into four sections – all in Italian – which refer to musical jargon. Time is dedicated to Samuel, Elio’s father who, now divorced, lives a love story with a young woman named Miranda. Cadenza follows , the chapter entirely dedicated to Elio, who teaches music in Rome and has a love story with an older man, but here the memory and desire of Oliver returns. In Capriccio, for the first time, it opens up Oliver’s perspective. We find him about to leave for New York with his wife, but looking at a young couple he finds himself thinking about Elio. In Da Capo , Elio and Oliver finally meet again, and although the former is always afraid of losing his great love, the latter is convinced that their time has finally come.
In an interview with Time, Andre Aciman says:
It was wonderful to spend time with them when they were young and it is still wonderful to be with them again and discover years later that they have not really aged that much . Find me – Andre Aciman
Several years have passed since that summer on the Riviera: Elio, in full adolescent confusion, had discovered the overwhelming force of his first love thanks to Oliver, the American student who was staying with his father in the family home. They had been unique days, able to mark their lives with the strength of an indelible desire, despite each having continued on a different path. This novel by Andre Aciman opens with the chance meeting on a train between a middle-aged professor and a young woman: he and Samuel, Elio’s father, is on his way to Rome to give a lecture and is eager to catch the story. an opportunity to see his son, an established pianist but very restless in sentimental matters; she is a photographer, rebellious and refractory to stable relationships, and in that more mature man he discovers the person he always wanted to know. A very strong attraction arises between the two, which will lead them to question all their certainties. Destiny also has an unexpected meeting in store for Elio in Paris, which could take the form of an important bond. But nothing can fade in him the memory of Oliver, who lives an apparently peaceful life in New York, is married and has two teenage children, yet … One word, just one word, could be enough to reopen a door that basically does not and never closed.

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