The Senate Chamber confirmed the government’s confidence in the Ukraine decree with 214 votes in favor, 35 against and no abstentions. Few “unjustified absences” among the majority forces: 3 among the Cinquestelle, 5 among the leaguers, as many in Forza Italia. The provision it provides is therefore definitively approvedmeasures for the reception of refugees and orders the dispatch of military equipment to Kiev. The government had posed the question of trust last night, essentially locking up the text which, on the other hand, had also been voted on by the opposition of the Brothers of Italy, in the first reading, in the Chamber. In recent days the majority had split over the increase in military spending to 2% of GDP, yesterday the climate between the parties had cleared up after the statements by Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini on the graduality of the increase and today the decree was finally voted without the agenda on the increase by 2024, which instead had passed to Montecitorio., after the compromise reached yesterday in the majority, he voted yes: “Today we vote with conviction in this measure, we have never questioned our confidence in the government or the certainty that Europe and NATO must always be defended and strengthened” , the parent company Mariolina Castellone said in the courtroom. No distinction even from the League : “The Italian government has the duty to lend all the necessary help to the Ukrainian people, including military aid, even respecting the Atlantic pact”, affirmed Senator Massimiliano Romeo, pointing out that the Carroccio “asked to moderate the tones because the world is walking on a thin red line, which can lead us towards the escalation of the conflict. Let’s go back to our natural bed: that of diplomacy “.Forza Italia Maurizio Gasparri recalls that “reaching 2% of military spending is an international obligation assumed by the country in 2014” and that “Conte increased this expenditure by 17% from 21 to 24.6 billion while Draghi by only 5%. They are indisputable facts and numbers ”. “Convinced support” for the confidence on the part of the Democratic Party group , which with Senator Alessandro Alfieri he invited to proceed “gradually, as Minister Guerini said”. On the respect of the commitments with NATO, he added, “the credibility of our country is measured”. Favorable vote also from Italia Viva: “Here there are no crazy warmongers – says Davide Faraone – who want to arm themselves to the teeth by starving a people. The Ukraine decree has a completely different story, there is the sale of material means and equipment to Ukraine, but there they are also articles 3 and 4 which provide for assistance to the Ukrainian people and greater security for our compatriots. I think we wanted to set up a film set that starts from reading the polls “. The opposition of the Brothers of Italy voted against:“We would have voted in favor, as in the House, also in the Senate if the decree had had a normal path, instead the recourse to the vote of confidence on such a sensitive matter disavows the government”, explained Senator Isabella Rauti, adding that “the Our position was clear from the start, on the one hand there is the aggressor on the other the attacked – he added -. There are moments like this when there is no room for hesitation, sophisticated distinctions and hairy pacifism. “

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