The first morning that the need for the Covid passport becomes effective in Andalusia to access the interior of restaurant and nightlife establishments, Salud Andalucia , the application through which these establishments must verify that the QR code presented by customers is truthful and, indeed, they have the complete schedule of the coronavirus vaccine or have recently recovered after passing the disease, it does not work .
The fall of the application means that users cannot obtain their certificate in order to access establishments, but it also does not allow hoteliers to reliably verify that the certificate is not adulterated and is the correct one.. The Covid passport is also necessary to enter hospitals and health centers in Andalusia until January 15.
A multitude of users on social networks show that the application is completely down, as this newspaper has been able to verify when trying to access the app without success. Yes, it is possible to obtain the Covid passport through the Clic Salud website of the Junta de Andalucia , despite the fact that many users report that, on time, it does not allow them to access it. Despite this, on the website there is no possibility of verifying the Covid passport of the users by the hoteliers.
This means that it is not allowed to comply with the order that has entered the BOJA this Sunday, by also regulating that, to ensure the“maximum guarantee of privacy and intimacy of the people”, the information on the certification together with the document proving your identity, “may only be requested for the purpose of its mere verification or verification. In no case will data of personal health character nor will files be created with them”.
And the staff who have access to them “is obliged to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of the personal data to which they access, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations on the protection of personal data.”
Lastly, the order states that an “informative poster for the public will be placed in the establishments“On the necessary nature of this documentation for access to it, as well as on the non-conservation of accredited personal health data.

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