Despite having followed all the tricks to take care of your hair in summer recommended by hairdressers, your hair suffers all the consequences of summer. In addition to the effects of salt, sun and chlorine , this summer you have marked some of the super easy hairstyles to do with the iron and you have resorted to the star discoloration of the summer season: the money piece. All this has meant that your hair does not look the same as it did before the start of summer and we know that you are dying to get it back.
In that sense, in addition to cutting to the chase (it’s okay to go to the hairdresser’s and cut off those couple of fingers with damaged ends), there are a series ofroutines that you must follow to strengthen the hair after the summer and that it recovers its natural appearance.
To find out what are the tricks and recommendations that we must follow to strengthen the hair after the summer , we have spoken with the expert hairdressers of L’Oreal, who have given us some super interesting recommendations so that our hair returns to what it was before. go on summer vacation.

Tricks to strengthen hair after the summer

Here we warm up based on tips, preparing our hair with small daily gestures that will help our hair look healthy and strong .
When washing, rinse with warm water. The hot stimulates the production of sebum and, in addition, can damage the follicles.

Be careful with hot tools . We refer to irons, tongs and others. Use them at a low temperature and, if possible, infrequently.

Improve your diet . Later we will talk about vitamins to strengthen hair but we are already anticipating that the way you eat can affect the state of your hair. Fruits, vegetables, fish… It needs everything to grow strong.

Comb the ends first . You will save yourself the pulls and, with this, you will not weaken it so much.

Dry without rubbing . Place the towel like a turban to remove moisture without falling into the classic rub-rub (a good friend of frizz , by the way).
There are small habits that help strengthen the hair or prevent it from weakening, such as drying it or combing it correctly.

Products to strengthen hair after the summer

Once you are clear about these small recommendations, now it’s time to see the different levels of treatments that you can assume according to your time or your habits. The most important thing is that you don’t quit (just like the gym).

1. Routine to strengthen hair: Shampoo + hair massage

Its objective is to strengthen weak hair. We start with a basic training: washing. First, wet your hair with warm water to open the cuticle and better penetrate the care you are going to give it. Then apply a fortifying shampoo and massage. Look for a formula that is enriched with biotin, vitamin B5 and arginine (able to penetrate inside the cuticle), to help reinforce the fiber so that it grows stronger. The massage, for its part, helps to improve the circulation of the scalp.

2. Routine to strengthen hair: Conditioner + comb

The goal is to untangle and smooth . Do you have a minute while you wash it
Dedicate it to applying the conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Let it act and take the opportunity to pass it a wide-toothed comb. Then, rinse with a good jet of lukewarm water turning cold —to close the cuticle— and you will see how easy it is to untangle your hair.

3. Routine to strengthen the hair: Mask for the scalp and lengths

Objective: to stimulate the root and recharge the hair. We raise the level a little more with the Elvive Full Resist Power Mask, a multipurpose fortifying complex that also contains the cocktail of arginine, biotin and vitamin B5. And note: it is free of silicones for a natural touch. Exercises within this phase of training
The ones you prefer. You can use it as a regular mask in your washes, as a treatment for lengths, apply it to the scalp to stimulate the roots or take advantage of the fact that you have the option of not rinsing it to let it strengthen your hair throughout the day. Elvive Full Resist Power Mask from L’Oreal Paris is a great ally to strengthen hair from the root thanks to its formula, its light texture and its multi-use action.

4. Routine to strengthen the hair: Styling cream

Its objective is to protect the hair from daily friction . Your hair is starting to get muscle but, to face the brush without fear, it still needs a little push. Give it with a cream without rinsing, which protects it and prevents breakage due to the use of dryers or irons.. As adults, try not to make tight hairstyles that can stress your hair.

5. Routine to strengthen hair: Full range + healthy habits

Your goal is to strengthen hair throughout the day . This can be the last step of your hair routine or the first, because if you are very interested in giving strength to your hair, nothing prevents you from starting here and going big.
This training combines the regular use of all the products to strengthen hair that we have been presenting to you with a series of habits such as exercising or avoiding stress. Challenge accepted
Do you want to strengthen your hair in the most complete way possible
Use products that strengthen the hair against breakage and, in addition, bet on vitamins.
To take care of your hair from the inside, it is crucial to provide it with the necessary nutrients day after day. As
With a balanced diet rich in vitamins . Those of group B —such as biotin— are usually the most recommended in matters of hair health, but also those of groups A and D.
We do not forget minerals such as iron or zinc , fundamental for the synthesis of proteins. . In any case, there is no one better than an expert in the field to help you incorporate these active ingredients into your diet.

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