Millions of Spaniards participate on December 22 in the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery. All with the illusion that luck is with them and the hope that the number they have chosen is the one that changes their lives from an economic point of view. The ‘Gordo’ is the most desired number and for this many do not hesitate to use all their available weapons through different rituals to summon luck. From rituals when choosing the number to the selection of the place where the administration is located, going to the saints or passing the tenth through the belly of a pregnant woman.
Also the famous ritual of the witches to win the Christmas Lottery. It all adds up when it comes to getting the mathematical odds to end up being in our favor.
Each teacher has his booklet and each region its peculiarities as far as superstition is concerned. Galicia is the land of the Christmas Lottery.This autonomous community is traditionally above the Spanish average in terms of Lottery spending. For this year, the State Lotteries and Betting Society (SELAE) expects Galicians to invest an average of 67.76 euros, more than three tenths per person.
The State Society of State Lotteries and Gambling (SELAE) expects Galicians to invest an average of 67.76 euros in the Witchcraft

, Spells and Spells Christmas Lottery.Anything goes to attract luck. Some traditions recommend taking all the lottery tickets that you have from previous years and burning them with an orange candle, while mentally saying three times “May your ashes return to me as a prize!”; others bet on putting a pin in their jacket on the day of the draw or keeping an old iron key in their bag or pocket to guard the tenth.

The ritual of the witches

In Galicia, as a good land of witches, certain ways of summoning luck could not be lacking either. How

In the case of the Galicians, especially in the most rural areas, there is the tradition of hanging from a horseshoe the tenth we want to be awarded, always placed with the shape of the horseshoe downwards, to attract good fortune. And don’t forget to touch it on the day of the draw!
Using sprigs of parsley, yellow candles, coins, or a white or blue ribbon, are also other types of symbols of good luck that are often used by the most superstitious people in the face of the Christmas Lottery Draw.

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