The scents evoke memories, instill serenity, give pleasure. Few things ignite feelings like them. Therefore, they are also very important in domestic spaces, in homes where we spend moments of private life, but also of professional life. An air freshener allows you to furnish an apartment or a house in an unusual way, that is, for the joy of smell. There are aromas more or less suitable for each room. In this article, we give some tips on how to perfume your home and combine fragrances in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bedroom and bathroom. The most used furnishing objects to give an inebriating touch to the home are electric room diffusers .How to perfume the house: little great allies of the sense of smell
Let’s start from the basics: how to perfume the house
There are many possibilities to make domestic spaces pleasant on the olfactory level. There are natural products that are right for us and emanate the home fragrances we love most. An excellent choice for the nose and eyes are the most fragrant plants and flowers, such as the fragrant geranium , with pinkish flowers that spread a pleasant apple fragrance. The Arabian jasmine is aromatic and splendid with velvety white petals. Pot pourri also offer fresh and invigorating fragrances for the home environment. Then there are scented candles and essential oils to be used with perfumers and diffusers.Room fragrances : which are the best
What are the best home
fragrances There are home fragrances that are floral, spicy, sweet, citrusy or woody. The choice depends on taste, but also on the room in which the room diffuser is to be placed . In fact, fragrances suitable for the living room may not be as suitable for the bedroom. While in the first case aromas that arouse intense sensations are fine, in the second relaxing aromas are more appropriate. So, let’s see how to choose the fragrances for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom environments. The fragrances that give atmosphere to the living room
In the living room we receive guests, friends and family. A room diffuser introduces the olfactory notes that best match the welcome and the pleasure of being together to chat, having a coffee or an aperitif. Vanilla gives sweetness to the occasion, but just as good are patchouli and geranium . Finally, spice-based home fragrances are also very popular in the living room. Scent of home in the kitchen
The kitchen is the most intimate and welcoming space in the house. Here an air freshener that diffuses citrus aromatic notes is ideal, orange blossom, lemon and lime. This type of home fragrance has a purifying effect on the air and counteracts food odors. They create a clear separation between spaces and are great for passageways, such as the corridor, stairs or entrance. Everyone sleeps, with powder-based aromas
The room fragrance we put in the bedroom must be discreet, shy and silent. No sharp or jolts for the nostrils that at sleep have to relax like the rest of the body and mind. The aromas based on face powder , talcum powder and linen favor relaxation in view of rest . The notes of the sea and musk for the bathroom
How wonderful when in the bathroom we find a scented note that comes from the sea or the intense aroma of white musk . These are the home fragrances suitable for the place dedicated to hygiene and body care. Not for nothing there is an element that unites perfumes and the room where we take a relaxing shower or a bath with lavender salts: water. Diffuser for domestic environments: what it is and how to use it
The diffusers for domestic environments are perfect small tools for scenting a room in your home. They are real perfumers. The ampoule must be filled with water without exceeding the cleat indicating the maximum level. Then a few drops of perfumed essences or essential oils are added: depending on how intense you want the fragrance to be, they put more or less. Electric room speakers are plugged in and usually turn off when the liquid inside is gone or when the timer runs out. How to use the room diffuser
To benefit from the effectiveness of a room diffuser, it is essential to choose the right size and the most appropriate location . If the place where you can create an enveloping atmosphere with the perfume measures from twenty to thirty square meters, a 500 ml diffuser is sufficient.. For an area up to fifty square meters, it is good to choose the one-liter bottle, while for larger sizes the two-liter bottle is fine. If there is really no lack of space, a good option is represented by two speakers placed in opposite corners of the room. Where to place the home fragrance diffuser
But what is the best location for a home fragrance diffuser
When choosing where to place a home fragrance diffuser, it is good to remember that odorous aromas tend to rise and saturate the air. For this reason, the speakers should not be placed higher than people’s noses, nor lower than one meter. The same reason is behind the need to place the diffuser on surfaces that are not covered, but remain free. For example, the perfect place to put a diffuser and the coffee table next to the sofa. Speakers Furnish Like Small Ornaments
In addition to completing the furniture with a fragrant touch to the atmosphere, home diffusers are beautiful objects to look at. They give a pleasant glance. They combine well with all styles of furniture, from the most classic furniture to ethnic lines or minimal taste. Some electric room diffusers have a built-in light and allow you to choose the color of the light beam. In some cases, perfumers of this type are also used to practice aromatherapy . Home fragrances matched to the season
The choice of room fragrances is not only linked to the room in which the diffuser is placed. The seasons also play a role. The same rule applies to personal perfumes: in the cold months intense, sweet, spicy notes are to be preferred; during the hot periods, on the other hand, fresh and floral aromas are the protagonists. Therefore, in winter the essences to be poured into the diffuser in drops are the woody ones, with notes of musk and spices, such as cinnamon , which are balanced by a citrus aroma. Autumn cuts down the leaves, but raises the scents of vanilla, caramel and chocolate . In spring we renew ourselves with fragrances based on violetsand rose, while in summer the fruity and tropical notes become intoxicating .

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