22 years have passed, but doubts still linger about the origin of the hoax that put Ricky Martin, a young fan and a dog at the center of television and neighborhood gatherings.
‘Surprise, surprise’ took over as presenter at that time: Isabel Gemio left the tearful Antena 3 program where dreams came true, and made way for actress Concha Velasco, who had the uncomfortable task of denying false news that was spread without control among the audience : it became so viral that to this day the subject is still going on and there are people who still do not know what the truth is.
Do you remember the Ricky Martin episode, the girl, the dog and the jam on the Antena 3 program ‘Surprise, surprise’
We still don’t know how it all started, but the truth is that suddenly everyone was jocular (or scandalous) talking about the alleged episode that had place in the house of a teenage fan of the Puerto Rican singer: the ‘fake’ said that Martin had hidden in the girl’s room to surprise her .
At a certain moment, and before being able to come out of his ‘hiding place’, the singer observes that the girl spread jam on her private parts so that her dog Ricky would lick her, false facts that were vilely ‘inoculated’ in the media. and in people’s conversations .
Concha Velasco denies Ricky Martin’s hoax in ‘Surprise, surprise’.
“We have been victims of a hoax”: that was clearly the message of a Concha Velasco denying the episode. But, of course, in the imaginary this morbid story , with the famous ‘surprise’ involved, had already wreaked havoc in the imaginary of the people, leaving the indelible mark of doubt.

Gracia Olayo, sheds light on the hoax

Now, two decades after that false ‘scandal’ Gracia Olayo, the veteran actress who at that time was the stewardess of ‘Surprise, surprise’, He gives a credible version of how the hoax could originate and has done so on the program and podcast ‘Sesion Golfa’ His suspicion is summed up in one sentence:
Podcast of ‘Golf Session’ with Gracia Olayo.
“I think he made this up… and I’m not going to tell you the person, but I think someone made it up to give the issue more publicity. Because that program, which Concha Velasco did stupendously well, with Concha Velasco does not reach the audience levels that with Gemio. And I, and it is my opinion, I think they invented it, it was a fake as it is called now, ”explains the actress, although she admits that she has no evidence to prove it.

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