The Major League Soccer season gets underway. The Regular Season is about to end and we want to report on the Italians playing in the American soccer championship, in view of the final phase.
As we all know, the US football season is divided into Western and Eastern Conference. Our five Italians , who play in America (all in the Eastern Conference), have been able to show off again this year.
Of all, however, Sebastian Giovinco needs a separate chapter . The Atomic Ant has once again made a season above all and led the Toronto Fcto the final phase of the season, closing the Eastern Conference rankings in first place.
The number ten of the Canadian team finished the top scorer with 16 goals and six assists , fully contributing to the final result in the overall standings.
The good performances on the field have shown that the striker born in ’87 is still in excellent condition and could also be useful to Italy in view of the playoffs as well as in a future World Cup in 2018 . Sebastian himself reiterated that he thinks of the blue, but that perhaps the coach Ventura “snubs” the stars and stripes championship.
Many beautiful goals scored by Giovinco , not leastthe unsurpassed punishment against Atlanta United . But in addition to the goals, The Atomic Ant (as they call it in the USA) is now part of a solid group that dreams of reaching the end of the season and trying to win the MLS title , which got out of hand last year on penalties in front of their fans. .
His best yet
You be the judge
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– Toronto FC (@torontofc) 23 October 2017
Another important focus needs a veteran of Italian and blue football: Andrea Pirlo . The 2006 world championhe decided to hang up his boots at the end of 2017. With New York City Fc he ​​managed to place second in the standings, thus flying to the playoffs of the final phase . The talent from Brescia will try to lead his teammates to a historic victory that for him would be a real icing on the cake after an innumerable amount of trophies won throughout his career. The Maestro (as they call him in New York), after football, will devote his time to family and relaxation , however in the coming weeks he will try to give his best for the team. The two Italians of the Montreal Impact
experienced a somewhat twisted year :Marco Donadel and Matteo Mancosu who failed to snatch the pass for the playoffs and therefore leave the scene for this season. The former Fiorentina midfielder had physical problems that kept him away from the fields for a long time, in the last part of the season he saw himself with more consistency and the goal he scored against Toronto in a very hot derby was beautiful .

Mancosu has scored six goals this season in 26 appearances . A not very prolific year for the Sardinian striker who did so much good last year.
Finally, to close with the Italians overseas there is the Neapolitan Antonio Nocerino who plays in Orlando City.
To tell the truth, the unexciting Lions season from a footballing point of view gave more space to the news of the farewell of a great champion like Kaka . The Brazilian footballer has decided to leave the American club, but he has not yet chosen whether to retire or try another experience elsewhere. Returning to Nocerino , the former AC Milan has played almost all the league games but perhaps his team lacked that extra twist to try to make the leap in quality.
Dario Sette

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