Today is the Republic Day. On 2 and 3 June 1946, the Italians voted an institutional referendum and expressed their preference on which form of government to give to the country, between monarchy or republic, following the fall of fascism and the behavior of the Italian sovereigns, the Savoy, during the twenty years. 2 June, the phrases and aphorisms for the Italian Republic Day
Today is the Italian Republic Day, here are the most important quotes and aphorisms dedicated to our Constitution What Republic means
In Latin “res publica” means public thing, that is of all, in fact it is distinguished from absolute monarchy because sovereignty belongs to the people. On 2 June, for the first time in Italy , the right to vote was also extended to women, until then excluded from the electorate. All Italians, regardless of elite or class distinctions, had a card on which they had to put a cross to choose between republic and monarchy. The choice by the majority of the population was that of a republican state and so Italy became a democratic republic and the monarchy was abolished. 2 June, the most famous poems dedicated to Italy
The theme of the homeland has always inflamed the souls of poets. On the occasion of June 2, here are the most famous poems dedicated to Italy What form of government there was before
Until then Italy was a constitutional monarchy, that is, there was a king (monarch) and the Crown was transmitted by inheritance according to the laws of dynastic succession. Then there was the twenty years of dictatorship with fascism and the bloody years of the long and terrible war had sowed destruction, death, famine and pain. There was therefore the need to rebuild starting from the form of government to choose between the existing monarchy or move to a republican state.
Thus it was that at the end of the war there was a referendum in which the people exercised popular sovereignty, an element that distinguishes a democratic nation. In fact, a state is called democratic when its people choose its representatives through elections. The result of the referendum was announced on 10 Juneand Italy became, with a majority of votes, a Republic. The functions of head of state passed to Prime Minister Alcide De Gasperi. The Constituent Assembly, which was to draft the new constitution, was elected on the same day and chose Enrico De Nicola as the first President of the Italian Republic.
In the past, the Italian national holiday was the first Sunday in June, the feast of the Albertine Statute, the first archaic form of the Italian Constitution (remember that the Constitution came into force on January 1, 1948). How to tell it to children
It is important to tell children the story of our democracy, which has a very important stage in the Republic Day. There are some books on the subject for children to read: The Republic in small steps, Fausto Vitaliano The Constitution told to children , Anna Sarfatti The Constitution and ours too , Roberto Piumini It was you , Gherardo Colombo
Not knowing what happened in the past would be like being a child forever. If the works of past ages are not used, the world will always remain in the infancy of knowledge. Dr. ANTONIA RAGONE PEDAGOGIST AND TEACHER

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