The rise in coronavirus infections in Spain precipitates new measures to control transmission. There are no far-reaching restrictions on the table for now because the epidemic situation is not what it was a year ago: 89% of the population is vaccinated and the incidence, although rising, is 88.6 cases per 100,000, and not 470, as it was in November 2020. But the communities make a move and look at the Covid passport as a new tool to contain the pandemic.
The Basque Government will request this week the High Court of Justice of the Basque Country for authorization to require the Covid certificate in certain activities linked to nightlife, such as concerts, and in restaurants.
That everyone be vaccinated, by hook or by crook, by civil or military”
Specifically, it intends to demand it from those over 12 years of age in nightlife establishments, in places where musical and dance activities are carried out, such as concerts, or in restaurants with a capacity of more than 50 diners.The
Basque Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, said yesterday that the Executive understands that the Basque High Court -which on previous occasions has knocked down restrictions from the regional government- is aware of the situation of the pandemic, but that it will respect what it determines.
The Minister of Health of Castilla y Leon, Veronica Casado, also anticipated yesterday that the community plans to request the Covid passport in closed places where the mask must be removed, such as nightlife, hostels and the hotel industry, and applied by territories and indicators. , temporarily and proportionally, so that it has the endorsement of justice.
Casado explained that the measure will require the approval of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y Leon, although it must be a decision in which “territories, indicators and time and proportionality” are defined.
The Valencian Community also has the purpose of making the so-called Covid passport mandatory in all those places “where it is reasonable” and always trying to “
This was stated yesterday by the president of the Generalitat, the socialist Ximo Puig, after presenting in Alicante the foundation that will manage the International Center for Research on Aging.
Puig explained that the Law Office of the Generalitat is studying the legal coverage to accelerate the implementation of the obligation to present the vaccination certificate in certain spaces and has said that when there is a definitive report it will be made public and the affected sectors will be communicated.
The Government of Navarra is also studying the possibility of requesting this Covid passport in a situation that it considers “not favourable”.
The Ministry of Health and the communities will continue to study what is known as the Covid traffic light, which measures the level of risk of the pandemic by proposing a series of recommendations in each of the scenarios, to approve it “soon”.
One more step was taken yesterday by the president of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, who asked, rather than establish new restrictions due to Covid-19, that “everyone be vaccinated, by hook or by crook, by civil or by the military”, or the unvaccinated are forced to “stay at home, closed tight and tight”.

89% of the population already has the complete pattern
89% of the target population has already received the complete vaccination schedule and 90.6% a dose (38,171,026 people), according to Health. In Spain, 74,034,325 doses of the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccines have been administered, 95.1% of those distributed among the autonomous communities, which amounts to 77,832,689. Health provided this information yesterday in the activity report on the vaccination process based on data collected between December 27, the day vaccinations began, and this November 15. 2,782,583 extra doses have been injected into patients considered to be at high risk, people in residences, people over 70 years of age and vaccinated with the single-dose Janssen.

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