Possibly you have ever heard the term ”tantric sex” . In recent years, it is also taking on special relevance. Understood as a way of connection different from traditional sex as we know it, this practice, as its name suggests, is part of the oriental discipline called ‘tantra’.This doctrine is closely linked to Buddhism and Tantric Hinduism , a philosophy that aims to increase sexual experience and connection with the other. In fact, the foundation is built around helping the person feel more connected to their reality, and above all, to gain awarenessof everything that surrounds him (and also, of everything he feels inside). In this way, tantra is a practice very similar to meditation that promotes a series of psychological benefits beyond our bedroom. We tell you about them and we discover some exercises to practice it.
Before delving into its benefits, we must mention that tantric sex also places a great emphasis on intentionality and self- exploration.So much so that in addition to tantric sex and its meaning, it is not only with our partner but also there is also tantric masturbation that aims to unleash self-awareness during one’s own sexual exploration.


1. Communication

Tantric sex does not imply going alone for orgasm. In it, its practitioners try to go more slowly. That is why this type of sex tries to give rise to being more aware of the connection with the other. It is for this reason that there are tantric massages or tantric masturbation that encourage communication both with ourselves and with others.

2.Living in the present: ”here and now”

Sexuality itself is not only a moment of pleasure but also has beneficial effects on a physical and psychological level, as we all know, but then, directed in a certain way, it can reach providemoments with a higher level of consciousness and to enjoy the pleasure and experience in the moment that is being lived.

3. More connection with the couple

When practicing tantric sex, couples have more intimate moments. Normally sex and pleasure are closely related, but intimacy and connection are also fundamental parts that we must experience during these moments. For this reason, through tantric sex, people feel more connected to each other and to themselves.

4. It can help treat sexual trauma

According to the opinion of many experts, a large number of sexual problems are due to past trauma ornegative emotional experiences.In this sense, tantric sex, by promoting the spiritual connection between both individuals during sexual intercourse, could help us overcome the emotional barriers that prevent us from fully enjoying the experience.

5. More libido

Other benefits of tantric sex are the improvement of lubrication (by obtaining, through it, greater energy or sexual desire), it helps us to recover or enhance sexual desire, increases the feeling of empowerment and provides new ways of satisfaction and connection with the other.
In addition, both men and women often suffer from low self-esteem.because they have a negative image of their body, which sometimes leads to not enjoying sex to its fullest.



Looking into each other’s eyes continuously will increase the connection between you. To achieve this connection, try to look at your partner and figure out what she feels and what you feel.
It is a time to become aware and to connect with the present moment, to value the beauty of the other. It is, in turn, a way of emotionally undressing yourself in front of the other.

Valley Exploration:
The philosophy of Tantra places great value on the feminine, and this specifically refers to all those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are usually attributed to women, such as tenderness, softness, listening and sensitivity. To put it into practice, the person must show an attitude of full and receptive attention towards the body and face of their partner .
It is about listening and perceiving it with the five senses, appreciating its details, its subtlety and its totality with admiration. Paying attention to the details of the other, to their bodily characteristics, can increase the excitement of both, since one admires the other and the other feels desired.

Be present
At the specific moment, attending to the situation with the greatest possible attention, with all five senses on the table. One of the important points of tantric sex is the exploration of sexuality through caresses , feeling the touch of the other person.
To fully feel this physical connection , it is important that you stay focused on the present moment and be aware of each area of your body and theirs. For this, the practice of mindfulness can help you.

Maintain a harmonic and fluid
This allows to achieve balance, a fact that allows the rhythm of energy and rhythmsof one part of a person with the rhythms and energy of the other person. In this way, both people flow and are in harmony during the sexual act.

Control breathing

Once controlled, tune it to the other person’s breathing. A good exercise to achieve this is to stand in front of the couple, both naked and with their eyes closed, first connecting with their own breathing and then with that of the person in front of them.


The human body is a universe to discover, and there are different erogenous zones that we can awaken and discover. To do this, each one colors with a different color the parts of their partner’s body that they consider to be erogenous zones. Then they carry out the comparison of their ideas. In the next sexual encounter, they carry out their discoveries.

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