That Julia Roberts makes us fall in love with any style is an open secret. That the design that the actress wore in Pretty Woman is one of our favorites is an indisputable reality. That ocher dress with white polka dots with which Vivian (Roberts) accompanied Edward ( Richard Gere ) to the polo match made us fall in love in the early nineties and continues to inspire designers and firms today.
If this summer we have been able to see the mythical print on dresses, skirts and even swimsuits, this autumn Zara reinvents the Pretty Woman print so that you can continue feeling Julia Roberts for one more season.

The reinvention of a classic
The first time Vivian goes to Rodeo Drive, the shop assistants, loaded with absurd prejudices, are so unpleasant with her that the character of Julia Roberts returns to her hotel completely disappointed. On her second visit, and after spending a really scandalous indecent amount of money (as Gere’s character would say to the store clerk), the young woman returns loaded with clothes and accessories, among which is the mythical dress .
With a crew neck, sleeves to the armholes and very floaty, Roberts’s dress was complemented by a boater with a ribbon in the same print as the design. For obvious reasons, a dress of these characteristics is not highly recommended for this fall and next winter. From the Zara firm they are aware that thisprint is completely timeless and reinventing its design you can wear it regardless of the time of year. That is why they propose a dress for this season that is only related to the original in its print.

The blouson sleeve, the key

Designed for this season, the new Pretty Woman dress has a midi length, which is very flattering and makes it possible to combine it with all types of footwear . Take advantage of the fact that this season they are wearing high-cut boots again and give your look a different touch. Like the one in the movie, this design also has a crew neck, although this time it’s a little more closed.
What’s new
Loose -fitting sleeves, which give it the sophisticated touch that the dress needed and the incorporation of one of the latest trends: honeycomb elastics. In the dress you can see this type of elastic in the chest area, wrapping the design in that area to adopt an evasé cut from the waist area to give movement to the skirt .

A pattern that never goes out of style
It is one of the films that most times are broadcast on television at the end of the year. While we watch how they announce it ad nauseam, we repeat to ourselves that we will not see it again, that we already know the dialogues and that it is time for our brain to start storing frames from other tapes. We want to succumb to new icons, but the magic of Pretty Woman is such that, thirty years later and after having seen it a million times (these are never exaggerations), we again find ourselves crying with Vivian on her first visit to the operates .
If the movie continues to have those effects on the public, it is to be hoped that her most iconic dress will continue to be a source of inspiration for ever and ever. It is conceivable that Marilyn Vance(costume designer of the movie) was looking to make an impression with other outfits of the protagonist. For example, the spectacular red dress in which Roberts wears to go to the opera.
Yes, it is spectacular and that may be the reason why the fans of the film do not take it as an icon. It is not a design that we can adapt to our day-to-day life, as the aforementioned polka-dot dress is. Its basic design and the successful print make it the reference dress for past, present and future fashion. If you have become nostalgic, put on Pretty Woman, she falls in love with her dress again and runs to Zara for yours. Having a Pretty Woman as a wardrobe background is always a guarantee of success.

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