The president of AD Ceuta FC , Luhay Hamido , has attributed to a coach from the lower echelons of Betis the bribery attempt denounced last week by two players from the Ceuti team so that they would let themselves win in the match on the last day of the Group X of Third, last Sunday.
The events occurred last week, when two players from the Agrupacion Deportiva Ceuta FC informed their leaders that through telephone calls they had made that proposal for the decisive clash against Betis Deportivo, in which both played the promotion phase, informed the digital newspaper Ciudad Deportiva .
The president of the Ceuti entity recognized this Monday, in an interview with Radiotelevision Ceuta (RTVCE) , that the Professional Soccer League urged Ceuta to denounce the case in court , but that the club preferred not to do so and beat the Betico subsidiary in the field, as it finally happened by beating him 2-0.
Hamido confirmed, without revealing his name, that he was an ex-soccer player for Betis and the former Agrupacion Deportiva Ceuta in the late 1980s , who now works in the lower categories for Betis, who telephoned his players to make them the proposal.
“When they called me to tell me and they put a recording of the call made, we wanted to inform the media and the Ceuta Football Federation. They called me from LaLiga in case I wanted to file a lawsuit , but we said we were going to win it in the green”, as it happened, explained the leader of Ceuta.
With their victory over Betis Deportivo, the Ceuti team qualified for the promotion phase to Segunda B as second in their group and left the Betico subsidiary out of the league.

“I want to believe that Betis, according to what its directors have told me, has nothing to do with this, that it was an isolated incident involving a person close to or who works at the club, and that the club took action on the matter”added the president of the ceuti team.
Hamido made it clear that, in any case, it was “not a joke, far from it” , and said that, “if it were not true”, Betis “would have denounced them” and that their leaders “denied it in their statement, but They also said that if someone had acted on their behalf they would take action.”
In its response, Real Betis “flatly denied its participation in any attempt to purchase any player from AD Ceuta” and announced that, “in the event that any person has acted” on its behalf, “the club will take the necessary measures timely legal”.

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