Tips for keeping your home clean while living with your four-legged friends
Living with a pet , be it a dog, a cat, a bunny or whatever is a wonderful experience. These friends fill our days and are faithful companions who give love without asking for anything in return. The usual question you are asking yourself is this: you can live at home with a dog or a cat and still have every space clean and fragrant
. The answer is yes! It is not a mission impossible and in this article we will reveal some tricks to keep your home clean and tidy, even in the presence of one or more pets:

  • Choosing the right furniture for a tidy and clean Pet-Friendly home
  • Pet-Friendly Home: how to remove cat and dog hair at home
  • Live with your dog or cat in a home that is always clean and fragrant
  • Other little tips for a home that is always well sanitized

Choosing the right furniture for a tidy and clean Pet-Friendly home
One of the aspects to take into consideration when you have a dog or cat in the house is the furniture . Our little friends love to wander from room to room, discover every corner and sometimes even make up some small troubles, especially if the animal is still a puppy and has to learn basic behavioral notions. If you live with a cat, you will know perfectly well that it is customary to get nails, armchairs and sofasthey are usually his favorite targets. For both hygiene and aesthetic reasons, it is useful to immediately provide your cat with a scratching post, to give the animal a suitable place to sharpen its claws. Sofas and armchairs, in the presence of dogs and cats, should be chosen in wicker, on the market there is a wide range of design models among which you will find the one most in line with your tastes and preferences. Carpets should be avoided, but if you really don’t want to give up this piece of furniture you must remember to clean it very frequently.
You could then dedicate a specific corner in the house for your pet, in which to place the food bowls, the kenneland games. In this way the dog or cat will know that this is his private environment and will avoid wandering around the house without a precise destination. By creating a corner dedicated to your faithful friend you can be sure of having to concentrate the bulk of daily cleaning only in that point, thus saving time and effort. Pet-Friendly Home: how to get rid of cat and dog hair at home
One of the biggest problems of those who live with a dog or a catand that of the loss of hair, which is deposited in every part of the house, especially during moults. The first piece of advice we give you is to brush your pet regularly. To carry out this operation on the market there are special brushes, which you can buy in the stores dedicated to animals. If your pet does not like this type of treatment (not all cats and dogs love to be brushed) opt for the practical rubberized fur-collecting glove, an accessory capable of removing most of the hair that is about to fall in a single pass. more tolerated by animals. However, this practice is not enough to remove all hair, anyone who owns a cat or a dog knows that armchairs, sofas and carpets must still be cleaned regularly with the most traditional means such as a vacuum cleaner. The newer models have great suction capacity and in a very short time you will be able to clean every area of ​​the house with great ease. Our advice is to use avacuum cleaner with a special filter, to reduce dust and allergens. Using a latest generation vacuum cleaner you will be able to capture both the skin residues of cats and dogs and their hair.
Another method is the roller brush with adhesive tape, to be passed on the surfaces to eliminate any trace of residual hair. Since the most critical period is that of the shedding of the hair, you can decide to cover these furnishings with suitable sofa covers or armchair covers, until the completion of the change of the animal’s hair. On the market there are numerous models of waterproof sofa covers , with trendy looks, in an infinite range of patterns and specially designed for those who live at home with one or more animals.Live with your dog or cat in a house that is always clean and fragrant
. Cleaning the house, when living with an animal, must be a primary factor. To keep the house always well sanitized and perfumed in the presence of a dog or a cat, you need to take some precautions. Which detergents can you use for cleaning?
Surely every eco-friendly product is made without harmful or toxic substances and for sure a great option. Also choose to use homemade solutions, especially for floors, which always deserve great attention. How to best clean them
After removing hair and dirt with a vacuum cleaner, you can move on to cleansing with solutions that can sanitize and perfume the environment, without harming the health of your little friends. A product that we all have at home and vinegar for sure, just add half a glass to the bucket and mop the floors with this solution. In addition to the usual vinegar, it also uses white vinegar, perfect for eliminating odors and making even the dirtiest floors shiny. Another good alternative is eucalyptus oil, just a few drops are enough to create an effective cleaner with a good scent, ideal for both parquet floors and ceramic tiles.. This powder has several uses. In the case of persistent stains on sofas and armchairs, just create a mixture of water and bicarbonate to eliminate any type of streak, even the most stubborn, from upholstery fabrics but also from furniture and all smooth surfaces. Other small tips for a house that is always well sanitized
In order not to allow the fur of animals to stick to your clothes, you must always be careful, closing well all the doors of the closets and the drawers in which your clothing is stored. A natural cleansing spray should always be on hand, to clean when necessary and in case of urgent need. Then your sofas and armchairs should have removable covers, easy to wash and extremely comfortable. If you live with a cat, you should place the litter box in the bathroom and you will need to clean it carefully on a daily basis.
Another important advice we give you is to carry out prophylaxis for any type of parasite that could both damage your pet and infest the house. To choose the most suitable anti parasite treatment methodology, the suggestion we give you is to always contact your trusted veterinarian.

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