How Giuseppe Conte and Enrico Letta will move on the Ottaviano Del Turco case
I Graffi di Damato

If to the former Prime Minister, professor, lawyer but above all rookie head of “his”, “new”, “refounded”, “regenerated” 5 Star movement, or how many will result at the end of this evolutionary process, let’s call it that, he does not mind, or even does not take offense, as I hope it does not happen, I would like to ask for proof of his good intentions, albeit limited – I am afraid – from that “without denying the past” that he inserted in the long debut speech. A formula, the latter, which resembles so much what the same Conte and others, such as the new secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, reproach the Europeanism practiced for some time by Matteo Salvini without denying – himself – the past with words, international meetings and so on, in spite of his friend, party mate and minister Giancarlo Giorgetti.
The proof I ask Conte and a directive, an advice, a recommendation, as he prefers, to those who will participate next Thursday on behalf of his movement at the meeting of the Bureau of the Senate, with all the capital letters that are due to him, on the matter the annuity of the former parliamentarian, former minister, former trade unionist, former socialist secretary Ottaviano Del Turco. To whom, although at the same time ill with cancer, Parckinson and Altzeimer, practically dying, were deprived of the 5,500 and broken euros received before the punitive intervention because he was definitively sentenced to 3 years and 11 months for “undue induction” as president of the Abruzzo region.
In that capacity Del Turco – and remember him well to the forgetful – incurred a trial procured him by the retaliatory accusations of a private healthcare entrepreneur whom he had damaged by having them checked without discounts, so to speak, accounts and relationships from agreements with regional offices.
The one thousand seven hundred euros per month of pension that the former senator receives for his trade union activity, rightly protected by a state law valid for all, even the condemned and inmates, should be enough, and perhaps even advance, according to the evaluations already expressed by the Bureau of the Senate before reconvening, to make living with the necessary and expensive assistance the last months or years that remain in Del Turco.
But if there is a law that protects his pension as a trade unionist, because Del Turco is denied the pension of a former parliamentarian called an annuity, which has already been reduced by the cuts made to all treatments of that type to better relate them to the contributions actually paid
It was denied to him by a joint resolution, which bears the names, of the presidents of the chambers of the last legislature, Pietro Grasso and Laura Boldrini, issued on the spur of the anti-caste campaign led by the Grillini, then still in the minority in Parliament but already exchanged for the avengers of all injustices and all privileges, real or presumed that they were, or still are.
Via, professor, lawyer, re-founder of the movement still with a relative majority in the Parliament elected in 2018, although it has lost a lot of senators and deputies along the way, not to mention the points lost in the various elections of different levels held in the last three years and the polls that we scrub one week and the other also in the various newspapers that commission them, give a cut to this story that frankly seems to me consistent only with a perverse logic, stuffed with demagogy, populism and – let’s face it – wickedness . To which it is necessary to oppose for a minimum feeling of “pity” or “humanity” not wrongly invoked in these days by those who are trying to defend the dignity of a man, even before a former parliamentarian, former minister, former trade unionist, former politic,
Try, Professor, at least you, not to be embarrassed, let’s say, to look in the mirror thinking about what you have done and you would like to continue to do against the defenseless Del Turco. And go back to repeating to your companions by now in the movement, even if I do not think you are still enrolled in it, given that you are re-founding it, the damage that even those who speak the words you have defined as “aggressive” do to those who speak to you. And also certain gestures that accompany them, such as those gigantic paper scissors waved in front of Parliament. Or some gazzarre in the classroom.
Here if there is something to really cut and – believe me, professor – justice administered by politicians. Who, as the former Minister of Justice Claudio Martelli rightly observed, are able to do more damage, material and moral, than the worst magistrates.

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