One of the most important features that we take into account when buying a new mobile phone is its battery. Apart from a good camera or a good screen resolution , given the long hours of use and the battery wear caused by many applications, a quality battery with a long life has become essential so that our mobile does not leave us hanging in the dark. the least expected moment.
Mobile phone users prefer devices that can last a whole day of usewithout the need to be connected to the charger for too long. Therefore, the duration of the battery is one of the aspects that is most taken into account when making this type of purchase. From OCU , a series of mobiles have been analyzed to test the real capacity of use of the batteries, with the aim of knowing which is the best mobile on the market in this aspect.

How the battery is measured

To carry out this type of measurement, the consumer organization recommends not only looking at the mAh, but also at the default duration of the batteries. This is because the software of our phone must be able to optimize the use of the device. To do this, OCU has examined various devices in two situations.
The first one corresponds to the brightness of the screen at 100% and the other at 300 cd/m2. In these scenarios, the same operations are performed until the battery runs out. These consist of:
Taking 5 photos without flash
Using the browser for 1 and a half minutes
Watching a Youtube video lasting 7 and a half minutes
Making a call for 2 and a half minutes
Programming the device to activate sleep mode after 1 minute
Leave the phone on stand-by while not in use

Best batteries since 2016

The results of this analysis revealed that the average capacity, mAh, since 2016 has been growing until today.In 2016, the mAh stood at 2,500, in 2020 these mAh rose to 4,160. Previously in 2016 the average duration was established at no more than 22 hours of use. In 2021 these hours of use will exceed 30.
Similarly, the technology for charging the battery has also evolved , reducing its time by almost half. This is because most mobile phones have fast charging technology that allows the phone to be ready in just two hours on average.
Among the best rated phones in Ocu’s analysis is the Oppo A52, which has up to 59 hours of battery life thanks to its 5,000 mAh. However, the iPhone Pro MaxIt has 3,687 mAh but can perfectly reach 41 hours of battery.
The 128 GB Xiaomi Poco M3 , meanwhile, is one of the phones on the list with the most capacity (6,000), but its battery life is 46.5 hours.

Top 10 cell phone batteries according to the OCU

OPPO A52 64GB: 53 hours with brightness at 100% and 59 hours with 300 cd/m2.

OPPO A72 128GB: 39.5 hours at 100% brightness and 52 hours at 300 cd/m2.

SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 64GB: 42.5 hours at 100% brightness and 51 hours at 300 cd/m2.

XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9T 128GB: 41 hours at 100% brightness and 50 hours at 300 cd/m2.

XIAOMI POCO M3 128GB: 46.5 hours with brightness at 100% and 50 hours with 300 cd/m2.

OPPO A5 (2020) 64GB: 44 hours at 100% brightness and 50 hours at 300 cd/m2.

MOTOROLA MOTO G9 POWER 128GB: 46 hours at 100% brightness and 50 hours at 300 cd/m2.

SAMSUNG GALAXY A42 128GB: 45 hours at 100% brightness and 49 hours at 300 cd/m2.

ONEPLUS Nord N100 64GB: 42 hours at 100% brightness and 48.5 hours at 300 cd/m2.

OPPO A53s 128GB: 39.5 hours with brightness at 100% and 48 hours with 300 cd/m2.

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