Meeting the nutritional needs of our dogs is essential so that they can maintain their health and enjoy a long and prosperous life, thanks to the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that these foods contain. Aware of this, OCU has prepared a dog food comparator (analyzing 34 of them) so that we clearly know which type of product is best for our pet.

Comparison of quality and composition

Our pets deserve special care, which is why OCU, analyzing 34 feeds available on the market,has made a comparison to determine which feeds are better and which are the worst. For this analysis, factors such as the quality or composition of the product, such as fat, protein or carbohydrates, have been taken into account.
The final score of all the feeds is made on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the maximum score to which to aspire. Therefore, 3 levels of classification have been established: quality of raw materials, price per kilo and nutritional quality.

The best feed for dogs

In the number 1 position for OCU is the product Pro Plan Optiderma Rich in Salmon.This type of feed is the best of all those on the market, being the most complete and balanced for our pets. It has achieved a score of 84 points out of 100 in the final classification. It is a perfect product for our dogs to digest in an optimal way.
Another of the most outstanding products, with a second position, is the Baldo Mediterranean Dog Food.Available in Aldi supermarkets, its value for money is one of the best on the list. It has a very pleasant taste for the stomach of our pet.
This time moving to the Alcampo supermarket, we found theExpert chicken and rice feedAuchan brand, a feed very easy to digest and very rich in flavor. For fourth place, we went to the Eroski supermarkets to find the Basic Food for dogs, made by the supermarket chain itself. It has a price of 0.52 euros per kilo and is considered one of the highest quality products. nutritional.

The worst rated feeds

We start the list from the bottom with the feed from El Corte Ingles Katakan, which has a score of only 49 points out of 100. It is the worst feed of the 34 analyzed given its low nutritional quality and the small size of its rations. It is followed by the Eroski Complet dog food ,with a score of 50 points out of 100, which the OCU considers as a fairly basic quality product.
With a score of 52 points out of 100 , we find the Carrefour Croquettes rich in complete adult beef, which has a high value in nutritional components but really low in terms of fat. With 52 points out of 100, there is also the feed bon Menu Mediterranean Recipe from the company Affinity , which has somewhat poor ratings compared to the feed with the highest score.

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