For several seasons the prints seem to have been reduced to two. Both garments and accessories, especially for spring, are dyed in animal print or flowery patterns. It seems that in street style there is only room for these two trends and so we let the world know. But that the strong presence of both prints in fashion does not make us forget about eternal prints that, although we do not make them so popular, they alone take care of reminding us that when the animal print seemed tacky to us, they were there to give us the looks with more style of the moment .
The quintessential summer print is especially relevant this spring and, if it originally went from decorating tablecloths and napkins, now the vichy check print goes one step further to take over spring bags. This print, which originated in the French city with which it shares its name, has been crossing our eyes for several weeks with a single purpose: to make it clear that it is the definitive print for this spring.
Even though there are viral trendsthat seem to exclude the rest, like the pink jeans that we already have in our soup, the Vichy checks are here to stay but without competing with the rest. They don’t need it either. Each print has its moment and its complement and, in this sense, the Vichy checks are presented as that fresh and light fabric that brings a carefree and youthful touch to any outfit. If an animal print bag gives a touch of glamor to a simple outfit, with this print we can achieve the most trendy looks of spring. At least that’s how we discovered it in the new Zara and Mango bags which, after showing their garments with this pattern, offer us a selection of gingham bags to confirm that they are thetrend that this spring will be everywhere .
Vichy is a cotton print of different colored squares on a white background, although it doesn’t have to be that way. The tones that stand out the most are usually black, red, blue and pastel colours, although there are other shades that are also making a strong statement this spring. Orange, green, mauve or blue, in a shopper, shoulder bag or mini version, these are the new Zara and Mango bags that have vichy checks as the absolute protagonists .

Zara Vichy check ‘shopper’

bag The bag is priced at 29.95 euros.

Mango mauve gingham

bag The bag is priced at 19.99 euros.

Customizable gingham ‘shopper’ bag from Zara

The bag is priced at 17.95 euros.

Mango green gingham mini

bag The bag is priced at 19.99 euros.

Zara shirred shopper

bag The bag is priced at 12.95 euros.

Orange gingham bag from Mango

The bag is priced at 29.99 euros.

Zara orange gingham check

bag The bag is priced at 19.95 euros.

Mango gingham ‘shopper’

bag The bag is priced at 19.99 euros.

Zara gingham shoulder

bag The bag is priced at 19.95 euros.

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