The new Movano and Movano-e will arrive at dealerships at the end of the year. They will be available with 2.2-liter diesel engines with powers between 120 and 165 hp and a maximum torque that will range between 300 and 370 Nm, always associated with six-speed manual gearboxes, in addition to a 122 hp electric motor and 260 Nm.
This electric version has its speed automatically limited to 110 km/h and, for it, customers can choose between two batteries of different capacities: one with 37 and the other with 70 kWh, with which the autonomy (WLTP cycle) is 117 or 224 km. With this addition to the Combo and Vivaro, all Opel light commercials will have an electric version before the end of the year.

These batteries are located under the floor of the van, so that they do not interfere with its cargo space and, in addition to regenerative braking, they are recharged with powers of up to 7.4 or 50 kW in both cases, and in the case of the most powerful, also with up to 22 kW.

The Opel Movano will be available in versions for the transport of people or cargo, including transformations for refrigerated goods or for its transformation into a motorhome.

Up to 17 m3 and 2,100 kilos

It is possible to choose this paneled van and, in this case, with four lengths and three heightss, with a maximum load capacity that ranges between 8 and 17 m3. In the higher variant, the doors are up to 2.03 m high, while the rear ones open in all cases 180 degrees, being able to do so up to 270 degrees as an option. Its maximum load capacity ranges between 2.8 and 4.0 tons, with 2.1 maximum payload.
In the passenger compartment, the van has a row of three seats as standard, while the optional second row in the double cabin version configures seats for four additional passengers.

In addition, the Movano will be available as chassis cab, chassis double cab and platform cab with a single row of seats.
The Opel Movano has a range of driving aids that includeautomatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, trailer stability program and lane keeping assist.

With Opel Connect, the myOpel application, it is possible to access special solutions for commercial vehicles, including following the location of the van, optimizing routes, controlling its maintenance and consumption or giving advice on efficient driving. On the other hand, with Charge My Car you can access the charging points , including the payment process.

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