Since TikTok came into our lives, the social network has become a new thermometer with which to measure the latest trends . In addition to enjoying the choreographies that some perform or laughing at the parodies of the smartest, TikTok is an ideal tool to learn about the latest trends in makeup. In fact, it has been on this social network where we have discovered the new Mercadona lipstick marker with the most top volumizing effect of the summer. Belonging to her new makeup collection, the marker lipstick comes in three colors, has a matte effect and its volumizing effect is so brutal that TikTok users have swept it away .
Although the marker lipsticks (we love the format) are not the only products that make up the new Mercadona makeup line. Under the name Sun Party, the makeup collection features nineproducts within a limited plant-based collection. Among the products that compete with Mercadona’s lipsticks are an eyebrow and eyelash serum, an eyelash mascara, a serum for nails and cuticles, the aforementioned lipsticks, a fixative and a palette of shadows to illuminate the face that are super top .
Despite the fact that Mercadona’s entire makeup collection is irresistible and has earned a privileged place in our summer bag, it must be recognized that lipsticks in labeled format are causing a real furor to the point of even running out in many supermarkets thanks to the reviews of the social network TikTok (and the flattering volume effect, of course).

This is the Mercadona marker lipstick that is all the rage on TikTok

One of the virtues most highlighted by TikTok users is its great quality for a more than affordable price, since they are on sale for 5 euros.Available in 3 colors, pink, red and purple, many of the influencers of this social network have recommended its purchase, causing it to increase exponentially.
These lipsticks are available in 3 lipsticks with a marker format. This container allows it to be very comfortable to transport for use at any time and also its thick and rounded tip allows you to reach any corner of our lips, which allows a perfect finish even for the area of ​​the corners.
Mercadona offers a product that sets effectively and lasts a long time, in addition to having a creamy and very pleasant composition with a subtle vanilla scent thanks to its natural ingredients.
The lipsticks available from the Sun Party collection are Lip Tint Merker Deliplus 01, Lip Tint Merker Deliplus 02 and Lip Tint Merker Deliplus 03 . 01 refers to a pink lipstick with a light shine, 02 is a fuchsia shade and 03 is a fairly intense red color.
These lipsticks include very versatile characteristics such as their application does not produce stains and they have permanent value in their use, which means that the lipstick does not transfer.The latter is really important given that although masks are not mandatory in many circumstances, there are situations where it is necessary to wear them, even for long periods of time.
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Influencers such as @secretodemaria have highlighted all the aforementioned virtues, highlighting the aforementioned applicator that allows a professional finish even for beginners. The cosmetic lines launched by Mercadona are gaining more and more followers on social networks and Sun Party is steadily becoming one of the star products of this summer.

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