Nine products comprise the new limited edition collection of Deliplus, a private label of the Mercadona supermarket chain. These nine cosmetic products have become essential in this type of category. In fact, they are already sold out in numerous physical establishments of the company.
We are talking about the Monoi Collection, a set of products made for body and hair care with the fragrance that most smells of the summer season. The collection takes its name from the main oil in its elaboration: the Monoi de Tahiti.

What is the Monoi de Tahiti

This type of oil has a traditional origin with denomination of origin of Tahiti.and has numerous benefits for both skin and hair. In addition, it is a great incentive for all our senses.
The basis for the production of the nine products in this range is the union of Monoi oil with coconut pulp oil.The result is a very refreshing and very summery fragrance that has notes of tiare, ylang ylang, frangipani, all combined with the characteristic sensuality of vanilla and tonka bean.

Main benefits of Monoi

The virtues of this type of oil are varied. To begin with, it provides our skin with incomparable hydration, nutrition and protection .In addition, its sales success is due, in part, to the fact that it is a natural tan enhancer.which makes us look a more natural color and longer lasting than other products on the market.
Its essence also contains toning and calming properties to achieve a suitable body and mental balance. Monoi is a great source of vitamin E, one of the most powerful antioxidants for our body, key to eliminating free radicals, responsible for skin aging.
Monoi application enhances skin moisturizing, since it eliminates water loss by creating a protective shield on the skin layer. But its benefits are not only on the skin, but its use is also very effective againstdamage caused by saltpeter, chlorine and sun exposure.In addition, it gives our hair softness, silkiness and a more natural shine.

Products from the Monoi

Collection Mercadona’s Monoi Collection is marketed by its own Deliplus brand and has up to nine products, many of which are sold out in various supermarkets of the Valencian chain. These are the products of the range that you can enjoy this summer.

Solar oil SPF15: accelerates tanning.

Biphasic UVA/UVB conditioner: specifically indicated to protect our hair from the sun’s rays. Its use is suitable for both wet and dry hair.

UVA/UVB filter hair mask:It gives our hair nutrition and hydration. It has a 3 in 1: conditioner and mask both with rinsing and without rinsing.

Bath gel: with the characteristic fragrance of Monoi with a long duration.

Shampoo: indicated for after exposure to sunlight, giving our hair softness, shine and hydration.

Moisturizing body oil: it is rich in fatty acids and retains the skin’s moisture without clogging the pores. Its use is really effective after sun exposure.

Moisturizing body cream: in a sorbet texture format, it is light and quickly absorbed.

Eau de toilette: the Monoi Fleur de Tiare fragrance with a long duration for daily use.

Body spray deodorant: suitable for application all over the body.

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