With Mercadona we don’t win for surprises (of the good ones, of course). If a few days ago they presented their new line of summer products and we could sign their new super cheap hair mask or they re-launched their famous spray for surf waves (a great sales success), now they surprise us with a new product .
It is a tooth whitener made with carbon that lightens the enamel for 1.50 euros and with which Mercadona seems to be sweeping this summer. Perfect to combine with lipstick that increases the volume of your lips (because red lips make teeth look whiter ), Mercadona’s whiteningIt has activated carbon among its ingredients , something that has become very fashionable among influencers.
This ingredient is responsible for the fact that Mercadona’s new product that lightens enamel hasteeth whitening among its objectives , something that many seek to achieve effectively and, above all, economically. In that sense, Mercadona’s bleach made with carbon that lightens the enamel fits perfectly into their pockets , since it only costs 1.50 euros, a price that is quite similar to all the low cost products that Mercadona has accustomed us to .

This is Mercadona’s teeth whitening Mercadona

‘s toothpasteIt’s called Active Carbon Whitener and it comes in a black tube containing 100 milliliters. As detailed in the product itself, it is a toothpaste that contains activated carbon that helps to remove stains and absorbs toxins from the surface of the teeth without causing damage to the enamel , one of the main objectives of many people. nowadays.
Mercadona’s bleach, in addition to helping us achieve that desired whitening effect , also contributes to fresher breath. For only 1.50 euros we can get whiter teeth and a quite intense sensation of freshness .It should be noted that this toothpasteIt is not recommended for use in children under 7 years of age .
Mercadona’s teeth whitener made with charcoal, how could it be otherwise, has a price appropriate to what Mercadona has accustomed us to. If your spray for surf waves was not worth 3 euros and your hair mask only cost 2.25 euros, it should be noted that Mercadona’s bleach can be yours for only 1.50 euros .

Tips to have whiter teeth

Change the toothbrush.
Brush before going to bed
Do not combine cold with heat
Be careful with home remedies
Avoid clenching your teeth
Do not brush your teeth after eating
Use dental floss
Mouthwash twice a day
Eat detergent foods
Brush gently
Drink plenty of water and eat sugar-free gum
Do not overdo citrus foods Redder
Reduce coffee, tea and wine consumption
Brush the tongue
Dairy consumption
Fibrous vegetables
Avoid eating between meals
Balance diet

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