Kerem Bursin is the new Can Yaman . With the phenomenon of Turkish series in full swing, its protagonists overnight become successful actors with a legion of fans behind. This is what has happened to Kerem Bursin, famous for playing Serkan Bolat, the protagonist of Love is in the air.The 34

-year-old actor, producer and model revolutionized Gran Canaria last weekend, where he traveled to act as an ambassador for the Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Calida catwalk. Hundreds of followers (all women) of all ages were waiting for him at the airport and then followed him to the hotel where he stayed in the tourist town of Maspalomas, the scene of this date with swimwear.
Every exit from the hotel became an odyssey, with a Bursin surrounded by escorts and police, and besieged by a swarm of fans who wanted to chat or take a selfie with him. Such is his following that a movement has already begun on social networks for him to become the new James Bond.
In his case, as if that were not enough, fiction has crossed the screen and the protagonist of his sleeplessness in Love is in the air, Kerem Bursin, is also his partner in real life. Kerem dates Hande Ercel, his partner in the Turkish soap operafashionable, since a year ago, when they met shooting this series. For Kerem, working with his girlfriend is like any other job, and he considers that the only thing to do is make rules at times. He is happy that love has knocked on his door: “When someone really touches your heart, that’s all you can ask for,” he says.
After a period of intense work, Kerem Bursin is on vacation and resting while evaluating some projects. Among them, the possibility of staying and living in Spain, where surely he would not be short of job offers. “It is a beautiful country with incredible actors, shows, movies and actors. It would be a privilege to work in Spain and I would love to live here”, he confessed.
In 1999, when he was only 12 years old, he and his family moved from Turkey to the United States. There he graduated in Marketing and Communication at Emerson College, a private university in Boston, while studying acting.
Bursin made his first steps on American television, working as a presenter, in small roles, independent films and shorts. In 2010 he got his first big opportunity: to embody Andy Flynn, one of the protagonists of the SYFY horror and science fiction movie, Sharktopus.
A film producer from Los Angeles encouraged him to return to Turkey despite the fact that he had to re-study the language , which he had not practiced for years. In 2013 he started working as a modelof well-known international brands, such as Nike, BMW and Lipton.
Six years later he became an ambassador for H&M and in 2020 he made his final leap to fame thanks to Love is in the air.

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