Do you remember that when you were little you put your name to everything

The books, the notebooks, the sweatshirts… All your belongings were personalized . Your obsession with putting your name to everything that was yours (or not, how many desks have suffered our calligraphy) transcended school materials and you even dared to proudly wear necklaces and bracelets with your name or initials . Wearing personalized accessories was fashionable and you were a super fan. Well, now that recurring practice has become a trend again and Parfois is to blame .
The Portuguese accessories firm is one of our favorites when it comes to getting super ideal and low cost accessories. In fact, at Parfois we have discovered the most comfortable and elegant flat sandals and there we have also found the top bucket bag of the summer. As we are clear that this one exists in Parfois , a few days ago we started looking on their website for that ideal accessory with which to combine this elegant black jumpsuit that makes a great guy and, obviously, we found it.
Despite the fact that all Parfois accessories seem irresistible to us , the new customizable necklaces with which to carry our name on accessories will be a trendIt seems to us a total and utter fantasy. Especially now that customization is in fashion and is synonymous with exclusivity.
Whether you were one of those who put their name on all their personal effects when they were little or those who didn’t do it, when you see how ideal the new customizable Parfois necklaces are, it will be impossible to avoid falling into the trend of the moment. Also, the best thing about these customizable necklaces is that you can put any word that means something to you, not just your name.
Parfois launches an iconic accessory for any season or generation , a necklace that you can personalize with your name and that promises to become an essential that will be a new trend.Available in 925 silver with a silver or gold finish (the gold-plated version), they make it a trendy and timeless piece at the same time. The necklace eternalized by Carrie Bradshaw is reinterpreted by the brand in a special version, with the letters covered with small zircons .

This is how Parfois customizable necklaces are

Designed at a time when more than ever we want to highlight what makes us unique, this is how the new Parfois customizable necklaces are born. If personality has become the latest trend , what better way to reflect it than through our name
The name is a set of letters that introduces us to the world, and accessories often assume this role (a mirror of our personality). A detail that allows us to visually communicate what we like and what we are. This is a delicate and personal piece, a complement a little more ours and special , to give ourselves or give away.
The new Parfois customizable necklaces are available exclusively on the Parfois digital platform from May 13. Available in a silver or gold finish, it can be personalized with letters (from 1 to 10 letters) covered with small zircons. The price varies according to the number of letters used in the personalization and has a minimum price of 35.99 euros. The delivery time of the piece will be up to 10 working days.

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