Spending so much time at home has the consequence that comfort has prevailed over any other characteristic in all our looks. If before we were looking for sophistication, extravagance and we bet on almost impossible looks, this season, after discovering the comfy style, we have decided that convenience and comfort should prevail over anything else in our outfits. It is not that we have given up glamour, it is that we have learned that comfort is not incompatible with elegance and the result is the outfits that these days take over street style.
The first step towards this new reality of style has been the colonization of sneakers in all our outfits. Before they were reserved for more informal outfits and now we wear them with all our looks. Proof of its triumph is that the firms have opted to launch original models with which to make this shoe the protagonist of our looks (such as the new Stradivarius sneakers). Now the proposals for comfortable looks have taken a leap and have ceased to be our allies to be at home or play sports and are now part of our day to day .
The favorite garment for those homemade outfits, the sweatshirt, also leaves its comfort zone and becomes the star garment for ourcomfortable but stylish looks of the season. Reserved solely and exclusively for playing sports and being at home (and for some very informal outfits), sweatshirts go one step further this season and become a basic and essential item of clothing. Especially to mark a style with a lot of rollazo with the most trendy ripped jeans of the season.
As the habit does not make the monk, the sweatshirts do not define any style. You have to play with them and combine them in such a way that, when we resort to a sweatshirt look, we are betting on comfort and style in equal parts. In pastel tones, with a tie-dye print, bicolors and with a message, the new Bershka and Stradivarius sweatshirtsThey make it quite easy for us to turn our most comfortable looks into the most stylish proposals of the season.

Bershka rainbow sweatshirt

In a tie dye print, this Bershka sweatshirt has the colors of the rainbow in its pastel version , a trend that is on the rise this season. The sweatshirt is priced at 25.99 euros.

Stradivarius ‘oversize’ tricolor sweatshirt

A wider version than usual, this oversize sweatshirt combines pastel tones with stronger ones (those of the letters) to make the garment original and groundbreaking . The sweatshirt is priced at 25.99 euros.

Bershka sweatshirt in two colors and dress version

The sweatshirts can also be dresses andgive our style an incredible rollazo . This dress version comes in two colors and is perfect to wear with leather effect leggings. The sweatshirt is priced at 25.99 euros.

Stradivarius Fanta sweatshirt.
For lovers of logos is this sweatshirt from Stradivarius. Gray in color and featuring the Fanta logo (in orange), this sweatshirt goes great with a checkered blazer and jeans. The sweatshirt is priced at 19.99 euros.

Light Blue Tie Dye Sweatshirt by Bershka

In case it’s not already clear, pastel tie dye is the print for next spring. This light blue Bershka sweatshirt is one of the proposals with this print that we liked the most. The sweatshirt is priced at 19.99 euros.

Stradivarius gray sports sweatshirt

It is the typical sweatshirt that you would wear to play sports but that you will only want to wear in your street outfits. Perfect for black leather effect pants and a denim jacket , this Stradivarius sweatshirt is priced at 12.99 euros.

Bershka two-tone sweatshirt

This proposal plays on contrasts and we love it. Yellow and mauve, the Bershka sweatshirt bets on the top pastel shades of the season . A style suggestion
Midi skirt, Converse-type sneakers and this Bershka sweatshirt, which is priced at 22.99 euros.

Stradivarius short version

sweatshirt As the sweatshirts go one step further and are no longer an exclusively functional garment, we can see more risky versions, like this Stradivarius short version proposal. Being shorter than regular sweatshirts, it becomes a perfect garment to combine with very high-waisted pants . The sweatshirt is priced at 15.99 euros.

Classic sweatshirt with letters by Bershka

The most classic of the sweatshirts, the gray one with letters, is always an easy bet to combine with any outfit. With some joggers, with a black mini and high boots, and even checkered wide leg pants, there is no limit to the combinations for this sweatshirt. The garment is priced at 17.99 euros.

Stradivarius light blue sweatshirt

This is the most lady version of our entire selection of sweatshirts. Perfect for more classic styles due to its neutral tone and its sporty print. We like it combined with a white shirt , black flared pants and a trench coat. The sweatshirt is priced at 12.99 euros.

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