The We Granada will take a new turn. Just a few weeks ago, the sports complex was left in the hands of Pio Salvador Aguirre , a businessman from Jaen who has set up an ambitious project to make the new Alhambra Sport Club the best sports center in all of Spain.
It was on June 18 when Pio Salvador acquired the facilities and full control of We Granada , and since then he has done nothing more than improve the entire complex with some minor renovations.
However, the project goes beyond these slight improvements, since Salvador’s goal is to make the center a place where you can have a good time while exercising. Its more than 40,000 square meters will make theAlhambra Sport Club a unique and incomparable complex, it will also become the most complete sports center.
“They showed me the numbers and I realized that this could lift him . My idea is not to compete with any other center. Nobody will be able to compete with us with what we are going to do here at the Alhambra Sport Club”, affirms Salvador.
The facilities of the complex will be remodeled to offer members a top quality sports experience so that when it comes to exercising they can dedicate themselves exclusively to it without having to worry about other things.
The space available in the facilities is enormous and everything will be used to the maximum. As a first mission, Pio Salvador wants to promote sports activity by building a 50 x 25 meter swimming pool , something that does not currently exist in Granada.
Next, he wants to start the remodeling work in the area of ​​the beach volleyball court , in which activities for children and the elderly will be implemented.

All sports

Other sports to promote will be paddle tennis and tennis, the first with great prominence during this last period in which the coronavirus pandemic has forced athletes to find outdoor activities, while paddle tennis is one of the most popular activities.
The three courts of the complex will have a cover to protect the players from the heat and rain. In addition, the idea is that they can start giving classes and compete in tournaments through their own club.
The Alhambra Sport Club will also have its own tennis courts so that fans of this sport can take their first steps in the game. From the hand of professional instructors , members and guests can enjoy private classes and games with friends.
“In all businesses you have to maximize income and reduce losses, you have to give value to customers. People who come here have to find this impeccable, with the best machines, with the best activities, they have to have a good time because people come to disconnect in their comfort zone. I am used to doing this kind of thing, the hardest sector in the world is construction, this is easy, it is about making the customer happy ”, he indicates.
The COVID regulations will continue to be respected on the premises to provide the greatest possible security to the partners. Salvador comes to enhance what works well. He has kept all the workers and the idea is to continue training them so that they can offer the best possible service to customers.
“My concept of sport is not to win medals or to be champion of Spain at 18 years old and abandon it. It is a philosophy, which consists of enjoying a healthy , long-lived and balanced life. The new generations do not tolerate failure, they have no capacity for sacrifice and it is also better sitting than standing, better lying down than sitting. In my last conference with the young athletes, the word ‘laziness’ came up, I asked about the advantages and disadvantages. And it is a surprise because they are able to argue advantages over it”. Salvador says.
“You have to learn to understand how the new generations think”, he adds. That is why Salvador will offer his own coachingaimed at alleviating these problems. The rooms of the center will serve to offer these talks to people who require it.
“Those who know me well know that in my vocabulary there is no ‘I can’t’, I believe that with attitude, passion and determination, everything can be achieved , and this way of thinking and acting is contagious, leading people to achieve better results, and be happier”, he exposes.
In the same way, these rooms will be available for directed activities with trained instructors who will give the best classes with a very complete offer of exercises.

Place of reference

The Alhambra Sport Club will become the sports reference site in Granadafor people of all ages, one of the most innovative ideas of Pio Salvador is to enable classrooms for the little ones where they can learn, study and have fun with the different activities that will be implemented for the infants, so their parents will not have to worry about leaving the child home alone.
The educational offer is something very striking, not many clubs offer you this type of complement in a registration.
The concept of social club is something that has been lost and that Salvador wants to recover in the Alhambra Sport Club, in addition to offering a unique experience by having the best facilities , it will also offer a food service with a wide variety so that members and visitors enjoy their stay to the fullest.
This is how the We Granada will become the Alhambra Sport Club, the most complete sports complex in all of Andalusia and the one that in a few years will become one of the most important in all of Spain. Pio Salvador has a clear objective and knows what he has to do to reach it.

Sport as a way of life will be the key to bringing this great project to fruition.
“For me, the most important thing in sports is not to have Olympics (there will be), but rather that a child, even if he is not good, can do his favorite sport and also train academically day by day.”
Sport is something fundamental in the human being since it keeps us active and in movement. The new Alhambra Sport Club will offer its clientsthe greatest sports experience in Granada .

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