He said he had more appearances than Cafu in the Selecao. Yes, because if the pendolino of Rome and Milan collected 142 tokens with the green-gold jersey, there were those who, although not on the pitch, followed Brazil everywhere. His life in almost 160 matches seen in stadiums around the world. And if the Pentacampeao are so called for having won five World Cups, he Clovis Acosta Fernandez , of World Cups, has seen seven live.
Add as many editions of the Copa America, four Confederation Cups and one Olympics. From Italy ’90 to Brazil 2014 , a journey that allowed him to breathe the air of 66 different states:globetrotter of that pure and uncontaminated cheering, empathetic to see it only in the face .
You, all of us Clovis remember him: his romantic and loving eyes of him, his gray bristle mustache and his gaucho hat full of brooches collected around the globe , like a true South American herdsman. And his tears on the night of the Mineirazo, the night of the tragedy of a nation that raises children who know how to control a ball first than to speak. In the 7-1 defeat against Germany, we Clovis saw him for the last time tenderly embrace the reproduction of the world trophy that he had cuddled for decades along his adventures and deliver it to a little German fansaying, with luminous and moist eyes: «It is not easy to give it to you, but you deserve it. Take it to the final ». The sweetest gesture in the bitterest night.
It is in the generational groove that history is sewn, and the ball that continues to spin, and football that tenaciously gives shivers and goosebumps. It had started in 1970, at the age of fifteen, when he was enchanted by those same yellow-gold shirts that dominated the World Cup in Mexico, the first time, the first game on color TV. He decided that he would follow Brazil all his life, but he only succeeded in the 1990 edition, in Italy.He sold his car, a threshing machine, the motorcycle and then the watch, to amass an honest nest egg to be there with his team in USA ’94, France ’98, Korea and Japan 2002, Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010 .
And when the camera framed Clovis the world seemed milder, it was as if our life for 90 minutes was satisfied by those dross of injustice that we drag ourselves into the ordinary. Clovis was our Linus blanket, our safety .
But the tenses of this story are in the past because the “Gaucho de Copa” left in September 2015, at the age of 60, due to a cancer that tormented him for nine long years . In a Porto Alegre hospital that has been smiling a little less for three years. Until the last with hissouthern cowboy hat , identity card to remember its origins.

But that hat still lives and the story changes verbal declension and looks to the present and the future . In Russia the hat is there is also a new World Cup and a new mustache, lighter and more black . Frank and Gostavo, the sons of the legendary fan , have decided to embark on a new journey that is a bit of a life path, a handover in the Fernandes family.
The seat on the plane remains empty and when Brazil plays, unconsciously, we hope to see those paternal mustaches in the stands. The tears of his last World Cup running down the deep furrows of his wrinkled and once plump cheeks are an injustice of this earthly life. It is that touch of melancholy, the very essence of bossa nova . And all over Brazil.

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