The 90s are remembered by many as the golden decade for fashion: after the bon ton of the 50s and 60s with the new look by Dior, the American pin-ups and the lunar experiments of Cardin and Courreges; after the hippie revolution of the ’70s and the psychedelic and androgynous fashion of the’ 80s; the 90s saw the birth of a glamorous and glossy style, still very much in vogue today.
From grunge influences to bomber jackets, through checked shirts and Dr. Martens: here are the must-haves of 90s fashion and the most iconic pieces to take out of the closet to be super cool!
The 90s: the style that made the 90sThese were very fertile years for the fashion sector: the big names in international fashion such as Ferre, Valentino, Versace and Armani find their golden moment precisely in this decade, contributing – with their fashion shows – to the birth of the figure of the supermodel. The 90s are in fact the golden moment of tops such as Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell, but also Heidi Klum and Linda Battista.
The style that is launched in this decade is greatly affected by various influences also coming from the music sector, with the marked presence of the grunge matrix, also arrived in our country thanks to historical groups such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The 90s dresses, footwear and even women’s hairstyles are therefore affected by the many stylistic influences and are divided between a fake unkempt grunge-inspired fashion and a college style that sees in the bomber jacket and in the dresses with white Prada collar her moment of maximum brilliance. The fashion of the 90s: from Levis to Dr. Martens
The 90s are the years of bands like Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls; these are the years of cult series such as Beverly Hills 902010 and of the great grunge groups. In this decade, the style of paninari also returnstaken directly from the 60s and, in general, the fashion of the 90s is strongly affected by the previous decades becoming a mix of styles and eras.
Here then is that 90s women’s fashion sees the prevalence of cult elements such as the denim jacket and Levi’s , but also college dresses or, on the contrary, colorful and glittery Spice Girls style dresses. On their feet, the girls of the 90s mainly wear Dr. Martens amphibians, a real status symbol for the time, but also ankle boots with very high wedges, while to warm up during the winter they use black and orange double-faced bomber jackets or the duffle coat with frogs, for those who love the bon ton style.
Sweatshirts and t-shirts then become a way to communicate to the world one’s thoughts and one’s belonging to a youth group rather than another, especially if printed with meaningful messages or phrases.
And then again and the period of improbable prints , floral or psychedelic like those worn by the members of the Spice Girls; of college-style skirts and the bare navel of Britney Spears – which made her appearance in this decade – of leather jackets and grunge checked shirts, strictly oversized. The 90s style is therefore expressed with a varied clothing that has its roots in different cultural and stylistic codes . 90s outfit: the must-haves not to be missed
In fashion we often and willingly talk about historical courses and appeals, this is because no sector like that of fashion has so many returns. In fact, every year stylists and brands propose a return to the past bringing on the catwalk from time to time clothes and accessories inspired by past eras. The 90s fashion returns cyclically to make its voice heard, each time fascinating thousands and thousands of people.
Even today the 90s style is very popular and appreciated by many, which is why it is worth knowing the must-have pieces to have in the wardrobe to create the perfect 90s outfits.

  • Leather jacket: whether it’s the classic leather jacket or the jacket with a Korean collar, it doesn’t matter. It remains a great 90s evergreen.
  • Bomber : another must-have piece in your wardrobe. It has recently been modernized and presented in different colors and with fluorescent floral prints.
  • Plaid shirt : woodcutter’s shirt, clearly inspired by grunge (Kurt Cobain wore it very often with ripped jeans), with an oversized fit, to be left out of the jeans.
  • Torn jeans , the so-called “ripped” and Levi’s five-pocket jeans with the famous red label.
  • Dr. Martens : the shoe par excellence of the 90s.
  • The dress with slip-style straps, perhaps in a super chic silk version
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