At number 28 of the central San Eloy street , the Museum of Illusions has just opened its doors , a peculiar museum of international scope that is present in more than 20 cities, including New York or Madrid, where those who delve into the experience amazing optical illusions and games that change our perception of reality.
In this Museum of Illusions there are no works of art, here what is exhibited are unique experiences that challenge our intelligence and that take us to a parallel world where laughing, screaming and flying, for example, is possible.
This Wednesday it has been presented to the media and, starting tomorrow , Thursday, May 27, the general public will be able to access it.

What is inside the Museum of Illusions

Once the visitor crosses the lintel of the Museum of Illusions, he finds a wide range of optical illusions, educational games, puzzles and rooms where the senses experience the sensation of living in a completely different environment .
In this museum you can laugh, shout, run, take photos , interact and, in short, do everything that is not allowed in other museums. Therefore, it is not something static, but it allows people to be creative and play with it.
The collection of the Museum of Illusions is made up of more than 70 exhibitscreated based on science, mathematics, biology and physics, so that visitors can learn a lot about the human brain, perception, vision and science in an engaging and fun way. In addition, the visitor will have the perception that there are things that our eyes see but that are impossible for the brain to understand.
The Museum of Illusions team works daily to develop new exhibits to surprise and confuse visitors. Although it is true that many of the exhibitions are registered as a brand, each museum has differentiating elements, so that the experience is unique each time users visit any of the establishments.
Among the exhibitions that the Museum of Illusions houses, the following stand out:

Tunel del vortice : In this attraction you will be sure that you are turning although, at the same time, you know that in reality the bridge does not move. It is a reaction of the body that cannot be controlled, so it is important to let go and not be afraid of forgetting everything you think you know. It will seem almost impossible to balance the body on the rotating cylinder, even if you are at all times on a completely flat and stable surface.

Infinite room : The walls of this room are made up of large mirrors that create the optical illusion of being situated in an infinite space. This exhibition is based on the work Souls Millions of Light Years Away by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Ames Room : In this room of illusions, people change size as they move through space. At first glance it may seem like an ordinary space, however, it is a cleverly distorted space so that the visitor experiences an extraordinary visual illusion.

Inclined room: In this room the sensation is that of being in a room that has turned 90 degrees. It is mandatory to take a photograph to live the full experience, since viewing it is when you will realize the fantasy created. In this case, the only limit that exists is the visitor’s own imagination.

antigravity room: This room is a real puzzle and will make you question your faith in the laws of physics. Your brain and your eyes will not agree on whether you are standing on a flat or inclined surface, witnessing things that are physically impossible: balls rolling upwards, water flowing upwards… It’s like entering a new dimension sensory.

Rubin ‘s Vase: The Rubin’s Vase is a set of two-dimensional ambiguous or bistable shapes developed around the year 1915 by the Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin. The key is to be impressed by the mystery of the hidden faces and try to locate them all.

smart game room: This room offers knowledge and fun while stimulating cognitive thinking and strategic skills. It’s a true training ground for the brain, offering unique learning opportunities while providing a digital detox by going back to the most basic forms.

Intelligent Store : Offers more than 80 dilemma games, wooden puzzles, construction games, educational games and all kinds of souvenirs. A way to share the experience with family or friends, giving away or taking home a little illusion.

The Museum of Illusions of Seville is open to events

Birthdays, company activities, group excursions, private reservationsof the museum… the Museum of Illusions is a different museum, open to all types of audiences and ages and, therefore, its facilities can be enjoyed exclusively, where it is possible to explore the collection of holograms, optical illusions and other unusual rooms in groups of at least 20 people.
The indispensable requirement to carry out these personalized activities is to make the reservation at least fourteen days in advance, since the museum’s programming is agreed upon taking into account the rest of the requests and events.
For more information, to ask about the availability of dates or to make a reservation, contact us through the following email: [email protected] .

Price and hours

The Museum of Illusions will remain open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00. The price per ticket is 10 euros for adults, 7 euros for children between 5 and 15 years old and free for children under 5 years old. In addition, it has a special offer for families that includes two tickets for adults and two for children for 26 euros. For both university students and pensioners the price is 8 euros per person.
The purchase of ticketsIt can be done online, through the web page (, and in person, although it must be taken into account that online sales will be prioritized, allowing the tickets that have been purchased at the box office to be purchased. remained free in the different time slots.

History of the Museum of Illusions

The idea of ​​creating a museum designed for the 21st century, in which one could interact with the exhibits and which would be attractive to all audiences, was born in Zagreb (Croatia) in 2015. There, In the land of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, the opening party of the first of the Museums of Illusions, under the name of Muzej Iluzija, took place.
The initial goal was for it to be a unique project, located exclusively in Croatia. However, it soon began to grow to become the fastest growing museum in the entertainment sector, adding (with the one in Seville) more than 30 establishments in a wide variety of countries.
Just three years after its opening, in the year 2018, it already had seven museums inaugurated and the forecast that another five would open their doors that same year. In this way, it has reached 2021 , where its growth, far from stagnating, has been maintained, expanding through many more countries than one could imagine at first.
Thus, the Museum of Illusions is a global attraction that currently has a total of 28 franchises spread throughout the world and located in cities such as Athens, Cairo, Chicago, New York, Doha, Dubai, Madrid, Paris or Shanghai. On the other hand, in addition to the one in Seville, the opening of new museums is planned in Milan, Lyon, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Philadelphia and other places around the globe.

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