The murder of the Swiss was a crime of passion. The National Police has arrested this Tuesday the victim’s wife and her lover, after an investigation that has lasted for two months. Rafael LR, 43 years old and nicknamed the Swiss because he was born in that country, was found on the morning of November 6 unconscious, with a severe blow to the head, in a vacant lot on the outskirts of Dos Hermanas. Four days later, on November 10, he died at the Virgen del Rocio Hospital.
The police ruled out the robbery from the outset. The victim appeared together lying on the ground next to her car, and she was carrying money on top of her, which the authors of the aggression had not touched her. Nor had they taken the mobile phone or the vehicle. The investigation focused on reconstructing the steps of the Swiss in his last hours. It was learned that she had been in a well-known cocktail bar in Dos Hermanas with some friends. None of these noticed anything strange. There was no fight or discussion with third parties during the entire time they were with him.
The woman, Tamara NB, 42 years old, did offer a testimony that the Police interpreted as contradictory. She had been with Rafael and his friends at the cocktail bar. But one issue that caught the attention of the investigators was that he said that they had each gone their own way and that he had decided to walk home, when that night was one of the coldest of the year, and when he had the car parked in the vicinity of the place where they had been.
The Police focused their investigations on the victim’s environment and soon the woman was considered a suspect. The agents discovered that she, 42 years old, had a romantic relationship with a 55-year-old man, Clemente MP A few days after the death of the Swiss, he went to live in her house, the same house in which he had the deceased resided. That was the line of investigation that has finally led to the arrest of both as alleged perpetrators of the murder.
Rafael worked as a house painter. The agents found out that he spent almost all the money he earned on parties. But he had no history and was not considered a conflictive or problematic person. The Police believe that the motive for the crime is passion, because the woman had been having a hidden relationship for several months with the other detainee, who was a friend of the dead man for many years.
Everything indicates that Rafael LR was approached when he was returning to his car, in the same place where he appeared unconscious. It is a vacant lot near the A-8032 road, which connects Dos Hermanas with Bellavista. There he received at least one strong blow to the head, which left him unconscious, as he was found shortly after by a person who was passing by with his dog. Those who saw him claim that he had an eye out of his orbit. The aggression was committed with a blunt object, which has not yet been located.
An ambulance from the 061 health emergency service transferred the injured person initially to the Virgen de Valme Hospital, located very close to the scene. Seeing the seriousness of the injuries, the doctors decided to take him to the Virgen del Rocio Hospital. There he had an unfavorable evolution until on November 10, four days after the beating, he died.
The National Police confirmed this Tuesday that the detainees are the victim’s wife and her lover. Both are of Spanish nationality. During the morning the homes of the detainees have been searched. One of these registries took place in the lover’s house, on Calle Codorniz, in an area known as Los Quintillos, very close to the N-IV. The other occurred early in the morning on Entre Naranjos street, where the couple lived.
The two detainees are awaiting trial. The investigation has been carried out by the Judicial Police group of the local Dos Hermanas police station, led by chief inspector Luis Villaverde. During the last two months, the Police have taken statements from numerous people who were with the victim in the hours prior to the crime, reviewed video surveillance cameras and investigated the family environment of the deceased until they could solve the murder.
The investigation has been very complex. Sources in the case explained that the woman had been arrested years ago in Switzerland for an attempted murder, which kept her in prison for almost two years, so she is aware of how this type of criminal investigation is carried out. Specifically, she tried to kill her sister-in-law, the girlfriend of the dead man’s brother. The victim leaves behind two daughters that she had with her alleged murderer.

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