At this point, there is no longer much chance that the trends of summer 2021 will surprise us. The cards are on the table and we already have more than signed the most fashionable dresses of this season that we are going to buy a little cheaper in the summer sales. What we are still not clear about (and that can keep us entertained between now and September) is how to combine the most trendy colors of summer. It is not that we have run out of originality, quite the contrary, it is that the most trendy colors of summer 2021 are so irresistible , that we cannot stop thinking about combinations of looks with which to hit.
For those who thought that pink would be the only color that reigned this summerand suffer for it we have good news. Like life (which is never pink) , summer color trends are not exclusively pink . We cannot deny that it is a shade that has been quite strong since spring (remember the super viral pink jeans
), but it is not the only one that is in trend this summer 2021.
Pink is accompanied by shades such as blue, orange, green or yellow , which have become the most trendy colors of summer 2021 . A reign whose only protagonists are these super acidic, fresh and daring colors that seem perfect for the most special looks this summer.
Although we are delighted that these five colors are the most fashionable shades of summer 2021, we know that when combining them we can face some inconvenience. Obviously, we can always combine them with black and white to hit yes or yes, although we prefer to experiment to have much more daring and original outfits. That is why we propose five looks that are key to getting the most trendy colors of summer 2021 right .

How to combine the most trendy colors of summer 2021

With white . It is true that pink, yellow, orange, green and blue are colors with a lot of personality, so combining them with white is safe.

with black. More of the same. The b/w combinations are always a success, although there are colors this summer that give risky results if we combine them with black (yellow, for example).

Monochromatic : Another style option is to combine the different garments in the same color to have a fresh and daring total look.

Color block : Just the opposite. On this occasion, the proposal is to combine garments with bright and complementary colors, for example, green and pink. This proposal is only suitable for the most daring.

Pink pants with scarf top
It has already become clear to us that pink (if possible, fuchsia) is the color that stars in everything this summer. Bet on wide leg pants in this color and combine them with a scarf-type body. A summer look worthy of a style expert.

Yellow jumpsuit with asymmetric neckline

At the end of spring yellow began to have garments and accessories in a very shy way. Now it is such a trending color that even eye shadows and nail polishes have been colored in this color. The proposal that Eva Longoria wears, in a jumpsuit and with a belt, seems very successful for a color that goes up a notch when we’re tanned.

Green dress with puffed sleeves
Green, satin dress with puffed sleeves… Does a garment need anything else to be a top ten in style

Ask Nuria Roca, who has been one of the champions of this color throughout the season at El Hormiguero and has the one that has given us the style keys with one of the most trending colors of summer 2021.


jacket and pants The combination of jacket and pants is one of our favorites and yes, we also decided to bet on blue to show them off , the crush is total. Perhaps the jacket is not very suitable for summer temperatures, but we know that temperatures drop and that office looks do not understand degrees and mercury.

Orange Skirt with Blue Denim Shirt
Orange and blue are colors that complement each other, so betting on combining them in a summer look seems like a super good idea. Instead of going for any blue garment, we opted for a denim garment and thus we give the outfit much more vibe.

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