This season there are two clear behaviors in the fashion sector. On the one hand, most of the proposals of large and small firms drink and are inspired by other decades . On the other, suddenly there are clothes that go viral and get hold of an impossible mission.
If this autumn we see the return of the top trends of the 90s (long live the red lingerie dress), this spring it seems that the 80s and the 2000s are dueling. Both decades with very striking trends, they seem to be the source of inspiration for everything we will wear this spring-summer. A priori a trend that makes us consider how to combine our looks, but which has as a result that the garments with the greatest evocation of those decades become an absolute claim.
Perhaps because more time has passed and reconciling ourselves with its trends is easier or because it is an absolutely idolized decade, the 80s and their outfits seem perfect for our future spring looks. Its bright colors, its super puffed sleeves, its shoulder pads and its mix of prints seem wonderful to inspire us .
Therefore, having found this denim dress at StradivariusIt seems to us the best ode to the top trends of the 80s. We still haven’t recovered from the latest discovery (wide leg white jeans that look the best) and we’ve already fallen in love with a proposal from Stradivarius. We have controlled the floral and polka dot dresses that are taking over street style this spring, but if we really want originality and personality , the Stradivarius denim dress has the key.
With a patchwork print (it seems to be the denim trend that we are going to live with this spring), the Stradivarius dress bears some resemblance to one of the denim jackets that Marty McFly wore in Back to the future (could there be something more from the 80s

) , especially in the print and the high neck.
Fitted at the skirt and oversized at the top, this is the most original dress that we have found in the proposals of the new collections and, in addition to being an ode to the trends of the 80s, it will be the new viral garment of the season. Nostalgic and lovers of the 80s, this is the denim dress that is going to succeed this spring .

The most original denim dress of the new collections that we have found at Stradivarius

The Stradivarius denim dress is a breath of fresh air for trends in dresses , especially considering that the reign of flower prints is hardly outshining. Betting on denim fabric is the first trick to play so thatthe dress is different from the rest , but all its originality comes from the patchwork print.
In other garments that this season also feature this print as the protagonist, the patchwork takes on a more informal look, something that does not occur in this garment. Quite short, it is its cut that gives it a touch of elegance and makes this denim dress perfect for an office look, styling for a party or a bet for an outfit the day you go out with your friends.
Cinched at the waist to highlight the figure, the dress is tighter at the bottom, while it is oversize at the top. Her high collar and the buttons at the top,They give a super chic touch to this 80s dress that cries out for you to wear the most striking earrings in your jewelery box and the most silvery ankle boots in your closet . A look of breaks and tears so that you go out to succeed in the purest Madrid scene.
Available from size XS to XL, the Stradivarius denim dress is priced at 39.99 euros and everything seems to indicate that it will be the new viral garment of the season .

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