When it comes to renovating the decoration of the house, not everything has to be to do a work or invest in new furniture. Some simple and basic aspects such as choosing the best colors to paint the wall or how to hang pictures on the wall can give us the keys when it comes to giving our home a new look . Not to mention the positive impact caused by resorting to plants and flowers .
With or without a terrace, homes need us to include some vegetation among their decorative elements . Not only because of the harmonious visual effect that the most cheerful and original flowers can generate, but because of the peace, serenity and balance that they transmit .
Despite the fact that not everyone has the gift of knowing how to take care of plants and flowers , we all are dying to include them in the decoration of the house. In this sense, thinking of original ways to decorate the house with plants and flowers and betting on a very natural decoration is one of the main objectives that we set ourselves when spring arrives (although decorating with plants and flowers can be carried out throughout year).
Forget about placing a pot on a shelf and that’s it, bet on using plants and flowers to give a vegetal and original touch to the house if you need to spend a single euro. To understand the decorative keys we have spoken with expert decorators from Ikea, who have given us someVery original and cheap ideas to decorate your house with plants and flowers and bet on a very natural decoration. Prepare your vases, after seeing these ideas you will want to fill your house with plants and flowers .

Plants and flowers to decorate windows

One of the easiest proposals, but no less flattering, is to decorate the windows with plants . To do this, create a striking combination of vining plants and seasonal flowers , the ones you like the most. If you want to create a truly original display, use the full height of the window to create a natural frame . You can also take advantage of the shelf to place other elements that accompany it, such as someadditional plants or glass vases .
In case you don’t have a large shelf to take advantage of, you can always place a small table right in front of the window and decorate it only with different vases. In this case, we have placed a variety of colored glass vases so that the light makes them shine with their own light when passing through them. If the window receives direct sunlight, be sure to place resistant plants to prevent them from burning from overexposure .

Use frames to decorate with dried or natural flowers

If you do not have a large window, you may be more interested in decorating the walls of the house with flowers . It is a very simple option that will give the room anatural and spring environment . Immortalize the beauty of the flowers and leaves that you like the most in photo frames. How
Very simple, press petals or natural flowers between two glass arches to create the composition that you like the most.
Make sure they are free of bugs or debris. Choose the most suitable frame for your decoration and enjoy a lasting and beautiful memory . If you want to decorate in a colorful and natural way, put natural flower buds in a mini display case. You will see how they change color as they dry.

Create a vintage lamp with climbing plants

This idea can be perfect to give a touch of style to a spring table . If you have oneold ceiling lamp , you have a great opportunity to renovate it by decorating it with plants.
Our proposal is that you remove the screen and put your favorite plants and flowers around it. That yes, be careful not to overload it and make sure that the plants do not burn when the lamp is on.

Different vases and pots to decorate any corner

As we have already told you in the first idea, decorating plants with vases, vases or pots is an art. And it is that, with a simple touch, the aesthetic that emerges is totally different . In this case, we have opted for a very varied composition of pots. To do this, we have taken advantage of all the available space in the upper part of the furniture and we have created a special place in which to display our little natural corner.
Dare to give your plants the prominence they deserve. Collect several different pots and create a dynamic arrangement . It is really cheap and the result is spectacular. Tip: choose plants of similar colors so that the pots are the protagonists.

Simplicity, the best friend of decoration with plants and flowers

On many occasions, the most subtle bet can be enough to decoratethat space we want to revive. With plants, for example, the same thing happens. In this last idea, we leave you some examples of all the potential that a vase has with a simple twig .
In the first image, we have combined a couple of vases with a freshly picked flower for each one. When placed on tables or sideboards, they become the perfect decorative elements. You can use this technique in different ways, with the grouping of different vases or, for example, alone as we show you in this last photo.

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