At this point in the game, we already have more than clear trends in shoes this fall and we could not be happier. Boots are in this fall, and the higher the better. They are so fashionable, that we have already come across the most sought after boots of the fall.
If last autumn we already saw the shy appearance of cowboy boots (the track dominated everything), this season the most fashionable boots go one step further and bet very strongly on the high cane and original designs. We understand that you want to bet on the most fashionable boots , that’s why we bring you the 5 best looks with which you can wear them.
high boots,those made fashionable by Queen Victoria of England in the 19th century , are once again the queens of footwear this year. What we love about these boots is not the possibility of creating a thousand combinations of looks (although it is also a point in their favor), but rather that it is that type of shoe that allows us to be comfortable and elegant at the same time.
Saying goodbye to open shoes is the sacrifice we face with the arrival of each autumn, but, although we are very sad to have to leave our flip flops and sandals in the back of the shoe cabinet (until further notice), dusting off the boots is the moment we have been waiting for since temperatures began to drop. As we know that it is not always easy to make this radical change in footwear, we propose these 5 autumn looks for you to bet (and hit) with the most fashionable boots of the season.

Military boots for a 100% leather look (synthetic)

Undoubtedly one of the most comfortable footwear for winter are military boots , and it is not nonsense since it is one of the most precious elements by soldiers from WWII. Military boots with rubber soles help us to have a better grip and if they also have a rounded toe, they end up being the best option for day to day. With skirt and shirt also leather(that yes, synthetic), and taking advantage of the fact that this autumn leather is one of the strongest trends, we get a casual and trendy look. These Zara military boots can solve your outfit.

High patent leather boots for a very ladylike look

We never tire of repeating that printed dresses are a must have in any wardrobe, especially in autumn. This look proves it. The high boots with wide heels are also a very comfortable and super versatile option, which are equally useful for a torn and for a descosio (what my grandmother would say). This autumn we love high boots with a patent leather effect , so let yourself be inspired by this casual outfit and combine them with mid-season printed dresses.. We give you some advice, flowers and animal print always work. These Zara patent leather boots can help you with the outfit.

Light-colored boots and XXL jackets From time to time we feel like taking a little risk, and if we also already havesome black and brown boots

in our wardrobe (the essential basics of any autumn), this season we encourage you to get with high-leg boots in lighter colors, such as beige or even white. We know, at first glance they may seem extravagant, but we are talking about risking and daring, so, yes, you need boots in light colors to combine with an XXL jacket or coat., and feel the most stylish of the autumn. These light-colored Marypaz boots can help you with the outfit.

Country or cowboy boots for a casual look

Last year they were the footwear par excellence of our favorite celebrities and influencers and this year everything indicates that the trend of cowboy boots is in full swing . It is clear that it is impossible to please everyone, and this is what happens to this type of boots, but if you are looking to give a special touch to any casual look , like this one with a denim skirt and a basic shirt, get some cowboy boots with details will be your best strategy to stand out. These Bosanova cowboy boots can help you with the outfit.

Two-tone high-top boots, the favorite shoes of the most indecisive

We have all found ourselves at some time faced with that complicated choice that involves buying new shoes. Is it better to take them in black and be sure to give it a lot of use, or should I risk for once with another tone
Luckily, this drama has an easy solution since we have the perfect boots for the indecisive , the two-tone high-top boots.
In very combinable tones , these boots allow you to create a thousand different looks, and don’t worry because you can find them with stiletto heels or with platforms, the important thing is that you find the ones that best suit you. We repeat that synthetic leather will be very fashionable this fallTherefore, when you have your two-tone boots, do not hesitate to combine them with a leather jacket or coat of a similar color to the shoe and give it some color by opting for a striking garment in the same color range. These two-tone boots from El Corte Ingles can help you with your outfit.

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