Photo of Thesetai. If you had the opportunity to spend a lot of money on a hotel room, you would know where to go
. In the world there are many expensive hotels, where a room for one night can cost even more than € 91,000.
Usually these are huge suites furnished by the most famous architects, with works of art, swimming pools, gyms and personal spas inside.

Here is the list of the 10 most expensive hotels in the world , which one would you choose
Hotel Where is it Most expensive suite Nobu Hotel at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas Nobu Villa ($ 35,000 per night, € 32,000)
The Setai Miami The Penthouse ($ 41,309 per night, € 37,780 )
Bvulgari Resort & Residences Dubai Villa Dubai ($ 42,000 per night, € 38,430)
Laucala Island Fiji The Hilltop Estate ($ 42,550, € 38,900)
Faena Miami The Penthouse ($ 50,000 per night, € 45,750)
Four Seasons Hotel New York The Ty Warner Penthouse ($ 50,000 per night, € 45,750)
Hotel Martinez Cannes The Penthouse ($ 66,330 per night , € 60,690)
The Mark New York The Penthouse ($ 75,000 per night, € 68,620)
Hotel President Wilson Geneva The Royal Penthouse ($ 83,600 per night, € 76,500)
Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas Empathy ($ 100,000 per night, € 91,500)

10 – Nobu Villa, Las Vegas – $ 35,000 per night
It is an oasis of peace and quiet, an Asian Zen corner in the heart of bustling Las Vegas, as well as one of the most expensive resorts in the world.
It is located inside Caesar’s Palaceon the main street of the city and has 182 rooms, all very nice and expensive.

The best room is Nobu Villa , of 3,200 square meters designed by architect David Rockwell who created games of water and fire inside.
It has a private lift, a terrace with whirlpool, Turkish bath and Zen garden; guests have an ever-present butler, full-board service, limo airport transfers, and free bar.
Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and many others have stayed here.

9 – The Setai, Miami – $ 41,309 per night
Photo by Thesetai. This hotel is located in front of South Beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and has 141 roomssplit between the 1936 Art Deco Vanderbilt building and one of Miami’s tallest skyscrapers.

The most expensive room is the penthouse , The Penthouse which occupies the entire 40th floor of the tower, measuring more than 3,000 square meters, with a total view of the ocean , 4 bedrooms, a lounge with butler, a kitchen and electronic devices last generation.
On the terrace there is a personal swimming pool and jacuzzi.
A little curiosity Britney Spears, David Beckham, Beyonce and Jay-Z also stayed here.

8 – Bvulgari Resort & Residences, Dubai – $ 42,000 per night
Completely different from other luxury hotels in Dubai, the Bvulgari Hotel Resort, designed by Italian architects Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, is locatedinside a low-rise building on a private island surrounded by white sand and accessible via a 300 meter bridge.

The most expensive room is the Villa Dubai of 1,000 square meters, with three bedrooms, garden, beach, jacuzzi and swimming pool, all for exclusive use; moreover, it is possible to use the gym, hammam and cinema room which are also private.
Bella Hadid, Alicia Vikander, Jon Kartajarena stayed here overnight.

7 – Laucala Island, Fiji – $ 42,550 Fiji

‘s most exclusive resort is also one of the most expensive in the world and features 25 exclusive villas built on a private island.
Surrounded by coconut plantations, white sand beaches, lush mountains and blue lagoons, this resort is a fantastic place.

The most expensive room is The Hilltop Estate perched at the top of the island has a 360 ° view, has 3 bedrooms and 11,000sqm of personal space with two swimming pools, a lush park, a library, a kitchen and yes. has at its disposal private staff such as chef, driver and nanny.
Ludacris, Oprah Winfrey, Elle MacPherson, Tony Hawke have been in this place.

6 – Faena, Miami – $ 50,000 per night
Photo by Daniel Di Palma. It is a luxury hotel in Miami signed by Baz Luhrmann among others and has a Spa that offers treatments designed by the personal shaman of the owner Alan Faena.

The most expensive room is the 3,000 sqm Penthouse Suite on two floors, has 5 bedrooms, a large outdoor terrace, a huge marble bathroom with a window overlooking the ocean and the master bedroom with a 180 ° view. .
Guests have a private chef and a grand piano to use whenever they want.
Among others, Kate Holmes and Serena Williams stayed overnight.

5 – Four Seasons Hotel, New York – $ 50,000 per night
Photo by Alan Light. A hotel in the heart of Manhattan in New York with 365 elegant , luxurious rooms and equipped with excellent services.

The most expensive room is The Ty Warner Penthouse which is named after the billionaire owner of the hotel and is a penthouse suite on the 52nd floor.
It has a wonderful view of Manhattan , 4 glass balconies and has an obviously private spa, bathtub and Zen room with chromatic waterfall.
Guests have access to a Rolls Royce with driver, personal trainer and spa treatments.
You will feel like Russian billionaires and Hollywood celebrities.

4 – Hotel Martinez, Cannes – $ 66,330 per night
Photo by Florian Pepellin. On the splendid Croisette of Cannes, where celebrities, actors and celebrities stroll, you will find this art deco style hotel , with 400 rooms and a two Michelin star restaurant.

The most expensive room is the atticinside which there are works by Matisse and Picasso and has 4 bedrooms and a panoramic terrace of 270 square meters overlooking the sea.
Guests have a butler always present and many services available.
Among the people who have stayed here are Scarlett Johansson, Robert de Niro, Eva Longoria, Diane Kruger and Susan Sarandon.

3 – The Mark, New York – $ 75,000 per night
Elegant property in the upper East of New York, close to Central Park and the Met, The Mark is a sort of boutique hotel with 141 rooms all of a sober elegance which also features an excellent restaurant run by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

The most expensive room is the atticwith 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, bespoke furniture, a rooftop terrace with spectacular city views, two bars, a library, a winter garden and a huge lounge.
Suite guests get a 12-hour chauffeur, a Hudson Bay sailboat cruise, helicopter airport transfers and butler.
Here were Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Oprah Winfrey, Kerry Washington, Emma Watson and Common.

2 – Hotel President Wilson, Geneva – $ 83,600 per night
Photo by Sandro Senn. The Hotel President Wilson on the shores of Lake Geneva has 228 rooms, almost all with panoramic views , an LA Mer Spa and offers customers Hermes products.

The most expensive room is the Royal Penthouse Suitewhich occupies the entire eighth floor and has a full view of Lake Geneva.
Within its 1,680 square meters there are 12 bedrooms, a whirlpool tub, a pool table, a grand piano and a telescope for gazing at the stars.
Obviously, protection is guaranteed with bulletproof windows, panic button, technological and safe safes.
Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Celine Dion and Rihanna stayed here.

1 – Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas – $ 100,000 per night
The resort features 1,395 exclusive rooms and suites ; one with a bowling alley, another with a basketball court, but the most expensive room is The Empathy Suite .
This 2,590-square-meter penthouse features an outdoor pool, two formaldehyde sharks, 6 specially commissioned works of art, a bar and panoramic views of downtown Las Vegas.
Guests can enjoy a 24-hour butler, chauffeured car, and a $ 10,000 resort credit.

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