Damaged and chapped hands are a very common problem, both among men and women and also quite annoying. Basically, this is a problem linked to environmental agents, but also to people’s bad habits. Chapped and poorly cared for hands are not at all pleasant to the touch, they can also be quite painful and, in the most critical cases, the skin tends to flake and contribute to the creation of so-called hand fissures.
Poor hand care, combined with the excessive use of very aggressive detergents, as well as sudden climate changes, can alter the natural barrier that covers the epidermis: here, therefore, the appearance of pain and irritated hands. From here, the skin tends to lose its normal elasticity, appearing very damaged and scaly. The problem of chapped hands is to be considered very carefully, although most people attribute it to a passing disturbance due to the winter season and, therefore, easy to resolve. Warning, this is not exactly the case! In fact, we will shortly analyze the main causes that lead the skin of the hands to be damaged in this way, but also the most effective remedies. You are afflicted by this problem
Then continue reading this article to find out how to permanently combat this disorder. Chapped hands: the main causes
Hands are one of the parts of the human body most exposed to external factors and various dangers: having particularly dry hands can negatively affect many daily actions, but also the way in which we relate to others.
Surely, it is the winter period when the problem of chapped and scaly hands occurs most and in fact it is true, considering that only on some occasions they are protected by the aid of gloves. In this way, you can protect them from the cold and wind, central causes of this problem.
In any case, among the other main causes of chapped hands we must remember aggressive detergents, of low quality and too much degreasing, but also an abuse of cleansing and drying that is not entirely perfect. Dust and pollution also cause the skin to progressively crack, favoring a significant change in the well-being of the epidermis.
The triggers of chapped hands, however, are also the UV rays of the sun and therefore in the summer months. In the long run, the sun’s rays can become very dangerous and significantly damage the collagen elastin fibers, favoring the formation of spots on the skin. It is no coincidence, in fact, that it is strongly advised to apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun and, above all, in the hottest hours of the day. Chapped hands: the most important symptoms and the main remedies
Chapped hands are a disorder that, as in many other cases, has relevant symptoms, such as: irritation, dryness, presence of cuts. Let’s now pay attention to the micro cuts on the handsIf not properly cared for, they could expand very quickly, even causing bleeding. In addition, the sensation of pain and burning may be very common.
It is very important to underline how the presence of cuts can favor the entry of bacteria and pathogenic organisms: it is clear that all this aggravates the already rather complicated situation. And it is precisely to avoid dry skin and cuts that it is strongly recommended to wear gloves whenever you need to do housework. Generally, in order to cure the problem of chapped skin on the hands , you can resort to some methods: moisturizing creams and emergency packs. These two are among the most popular.
Aa good moisturizer , in fact, can be a valid help to give back softness to the hands. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a quality product, which can be applied several times a day and allow the skin to benefit from as many benefits as possible. We recommend that you always keep a vial in your bag, so that you can always have it at hand.
In case of chapped hands, a second very valid remedy is a nourishing mask. This can be very useful to combat dryness and various cracking, as it exploits the natural action of all its ingredients (later we will discover some interesting DIY recipes!). It is advisable to massage your hands very well with this remedy and, after a few minutes, rinse with warm water. To be repeated once a week.
The third and valid remedy against chapping is the exfoliating scrub: it is ideal for removing dead cells and promoting skin regeneration. Here too, it is possible to make many DIY recipes directly at home, apply the mixture, let it act for a few minutes and then remove it with water.
Soon, however, we will find out together which are thebest DIY recipes to relieve dry, chapped hands. Chapped Hands: DIY Shea Butter Hand Cream
Your hands are chapped and dry due to cold and atmospheric agents
We may have the right grandmother’s remedy for you: a moisturizing and emollient cream to combat burns and irritation. In fact, it is very important to take care of your hands every day, being the part that is most exposed to external agents and factors.
If you want to show off soft and well-groomed hands all year round, you will surely know that it is essential to take care of it with great consistency and through specific beauty treatments. The good news is that it is possible to create a DIY cream based on shea butter: a real cure-all for the skin. Making a shea butter-based moisturizer is really very simple and you need: 170 grams of shea butter, a tablespoon of corn starch, two tablespoons of essential oil of your choice, some ice cubes, 15 grams of butter of cocoa and a cup of almond oil. All ready
. Let’s get started!
First, get a container that can be microwaved and pour in both cocoa and shea butter. Then, set the microwave to medium temperature for about 30 seconds, so that the two ingredients can dissolve completely. In the event that the mixture does not dissolve immediately, it will be necessary to repeat the operation several times. Remember, then, to stir whenever you remove the mix from the microwave.
Next, take care to pour the mixture into a bowl, which in turn will be placed in another bowl full of ice cubes that you have prepared earlier. Now is the time to use the mixer: at low speed, blend the mixture and add the essential oil of your choice.
3,2,1… Your beauty recipe is ready! And here is your DIY cream to protect your hands and fight dryness: we recommend that you keep it in a jar with a lid, away from light and climatic changes. Chapped hands: do-it-yourself hand mask with chamomile
Among the most effective grandmother’s remedies , we want to remember the mask and, in particular, the chamomile base. The well-known emollient properties of this flower, in fact, are really ideal for making hands soft, well-nourished, but also fragrant. Preparing this mask is not difficult at all: you need three tablespoons of cocoa butter and a sachet of chamomile and hot water, in fact.The first step is to put the chamomile
sachet in a cup full of hot water and leave to infuse for about five minutes; then add the cocoa butter. So let the mixture rest in the refrigerator for thirty minutes, so that it can mix properly.
At this point, you can use the mask: leave it on for a few moments and only later rinse with warm water. Your skin will be softer and smoother right away! Chapped hands: exfoliating scrub based on bicarbonate
You know, hands tend to crack and get damaged a lot, especially with the arrival of the winter season. However, it is possible to keep the skin regenerated and remove dead cells: all this with an effective do-it-yourself scrub. Homemade recipes, the old grandmother’s remedies, are the best methods to give relief and softness to the hands.
We are therefore talking about an exfoliating scrub based on bicarbonate , perfect for promoting cell renewal and always having soft and well-nourished hands. All you need are two tablespoons of baking soda, one of coarse salt, two of fine salt, two teaspoons of sugar, one of honey and olive oil. You have everything you need
. Very well, let’s proceed!
It might seem like a difficult recipe, but it isn’t: in fact, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients together in a single bowl, in order to obtain a full-bodied mixture. Apply the mixture on your hands (you will notice that the salt has an exfoliating action) and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then rinse with warm water: your hands will appear regenerated and nourished.

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