When motherhood comes into the life of any woman, the only thing she wants is to control as much as possible everything that happens with her gestation .
With the first weeks of pregnancy planning begins: continuous check-ups, prenatal classes, as well as the acquisition of all kinds of books and magazines that help calm the anxiety of the unknown. New technologies have also contributed to helping future mothers in their pregnancy process and with the boom in applications, there are many new apps that have come to stay and shake hands in a process as magical and complicated as gestation. .
Next we detail some of the apps that, after analyzing the opinions of the users, have more useful and satisfactory results.


Whatever the search, this app seems to be number 1. With a score of 4.8 out of 5 in the Play Store, it seems to be one of the most complete applications.
“I love this application. With the group that is created you can solve doubts or concerns about your baby, your pregnancy or your health, in addition to the weekly support bulletins and videos that explain the phases of pregnancy. Personally, it helped me a lot with my pregnancy, and even now that I already have my baby”, writes one of the users.
With this application, mothers can see week by week how their baby is progressing, as well as share their experiences and concerns with other mothers .


Also with a score of 4.8 out of 5, and with more than a million reviews , this application is presented as another favorite for future mothers.
“Excellent App! It accompanied me from the first moment and has helped me stay calm in situations such as a new and single mom. I decided to purchase the app because the functions it offers me are, more than ever, useful for being alone, and its addendum it is super useful to have controlshifts with different doctors. In addition, it should be noted that the articles that he selects are always according to what I am going through, and the contraction control tools are incredible. I love this App!”, a user very happy with the result has left a review on the Play Store.


Comments such as “it has serious and endorsed recommendations for the health of the mother and the baby, includes balanced diet plans according to the week of the gestation and lots of expert advice” are found in the reviews of this App.
With a score of 4.1 out of 5, this app seems newer and less well known than the previous ones, but the users who have used it have left a record of its effectiveness.
“It has timely monitoring of your baby’s growth, nutritional plans and advice if you are going to travel or exercise. I thought it was a very good application,” says another mother.

Pregnancy week by week Momly

With 28 thousand reviews and an average of 4.8, this app also has a lot to offer to future moms.
“Excellent application, I have already used it in my previous pregnancy and it is super good. It gives us many facilities, it also helps us see everything that happens with our baby week after week: it gives us guidelines on how our womb is doing, the weight of the fetus , possible kilos and blood pressure among other things”, describes one of the users.
“You can place reminders“, adds another mother, who places special emphasis on the fact that this type of application, in addition to being for couples, is very useful for single mothers.

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