Stradivarius is one of the firms that has confirmed the return of two very top trends to our wardrobes this season. On the one hand, the retro print, on the other, the 90s trends, but they are not the only style keys that we have discovered with the little sister of the Inditex flagship.
After having seen how her sold-out jacket with a waiting list became one of the most viral garments of the season, Stradivarius does it again and brings out the most beautiful dress of the entire autumn , which is only worth 20 euros and is pure fantasy. And it is for many things.
The first reason why the Stradivarius dress is the most beautiful of the fallIt seems obvious and it is not just that it is worth 20 euros and is pure fantasy. Its geometric print (another one for retro trends) is so original and different that we think it’s perfect to give us a total seventies look. But its irresistible print is not the only reason that makes the Stradivarius dress the most beautiful of the fall.
We are used to midi dresses because they are the most elegant, but autumn (and then winter) lends itself to betting on dresses in a more mini version. In that sense, the Stradivarius dress is perfect. With a length above the knee , the design is ideal with high boots, also super on trend this fall winter.
Summing up, the pattern and the length seem to be the keys that make Stradivarius the most beautiful dress of the fall. But colors also play a key role. A combination of blues, in which petrol blue stands out , makes the Stradivarius dress even more beautiful. If to all this, we also add a flattering V-neckline with a small gather , the dress becomes the best option for all autumn looks.
The Stradivarius dress is so beautiful that little or nothing is needed for you to mark yourself with the fall look. Despite this, we suggest that you combine it with high boots in camel colorand with a vest in a similar color to make it look like something out of the trendiest 70s.
Although, as with everything, the possibilities of combining the most beautiful dress of the fall are as many as we want to sign the Stradivarius outfit , which is only worth 20 euros and is pure fantasy.

This is the most beautiful Stradivarius dress of the autumn

It is a short dress with a V-neckline with ring detail and long sleeves that is very reminiscent of those worn in the 70s, both for its cut and for its print, for that seems to us a perfect garment to wear with high boots.
Available from size XS to XL, the most beautiful Stradivarius dress of the fall is priced at 19.99 euros.

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