The zoo, a magical world to bring young and old together and to let your children and grandchildren experience the beauty of a natural world , with animals from all over the globe . The zoo is love and didactics : information panels transmit knowledge, and more and more reality are organizing tours, workshops and special itineraries for children and school groups. Let’s discover the most beautiful and largest zoos in Italy .

10 – Zoo Safari Fasanolandia, Puglia
Photo by Michael Paraskevas.

  • Where is it: Via dello ZooSafari, 72015 Fasano (Brindisi)
  • Size: 140 hectares
  • Entrance fee: Wildlife park: € 23 full, € 20 reduced. Fasanolandia: € 10.

Three parks in one in Fasano: zoo, safari and amusement park. Over 1,700 specimens of 200 different species live there . In addition to the Safari, which can be traveled by car, a park train is available . With the little train you can also visit the impressive section dedicated to monkeys .

9 – Parco Le Cornelle, Lombardy
Photo by Cash2013.

  • Where is it: Via Cornelle, 16, 24030 Valbrembo (Bergamo)
  • Size: 10 hectares
  • Entrance cost: € 15 full, € 11 reduced

Park with an over 30-year history: it was opened in 1981 , and has since become one of the best-known wildlife parks in all of Italy . The symbol par excellence of the park is the white tiger ; in more recent times the white lion was introduced , an extremely rare animal.

8 – Parco Natura Viva, Veneto
Photo by Francesca Cesa Bianchi.

  • Where is it: Provincial Road 27a, 9, 37010 Pastrengo (Verona)
  • Size: 42 hectares
  • Entrance cost: € 20 full, € 15 reduced

Beautiful park a few km from Lake Garda, divided between zoo and safari . In the car it is possible to see zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, lions , while in the zoo you can go from herons to monkeys. The area dedicated to tropical animals and the historical reconstruction of dinosaurs is beautiful .

7 – Bioparco, Lazio
Photo by Mamertino81.

  • Where is it: Viale del Giardino Zoologico, 1, 00197 Rome
  • Size: 17 hectares
  • Entrance cost: € 16 full, € 13 reduced

Rome zoological garden: currently live there about 1,150 animals of 220 different species . Located inside Villa Borghese , it was born in the early 1900s as a zoo, but during the Second World War this fell into very precarious situations. In 1994 the first idea that I bring to the transformation of the zoo into a biopark .

6 – Safari Park, Piedmont
Photo by Cash2013.

  • Where is it: Via Larino, 3, 28050 Pombia (Novara)
  • Size: 40 hectares
  • Entrance cost: € 24.00 full, € 20.00 reduced, free under 3 years

This park is divided into an amusement park , including rides and enclosed animals, and a safari park , where animals roam free. It houses about 600 animals. Among the mammals there are the cheetah , the Siberian tiger , the white lion , the white rhino , the watusso ox .

5 – Zoo La Rupe, Abruzzo
Photo by Michael Gwyther-Jones.

  • Where is it: Contrada Fornace, 5, 65010 Civitella Casanova, Pescara
  • Dimensions: n / d
  • Entrance cost: € 11 full, € 7 reduced

Abruzzo park that is home to wolves, lynxes, bears . Numerous workshops are organized and there is also a museum area , containing prehistoric fossils, shells, minerals, luminescent stones, butterflies, insects .

4 – Prehistory Park, Lombardy

  • Where is it: Viale Ponte Vecchio, 21, 26027 Rivolta d’Adda (Cremona)
  • Size: 100 hectares
  • Entrance cost: € 12 full, € 9 reduced

A child-friendly park, which develops within a centuries- old wood and with a large section dedicated to prehistory : dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs, brontosaurs capable of amusing every eye. There are also numerous live animals in the park: mammals, carnivores, insects, amphibians, reptiles. Educational workshops are organized.

3 – Zoo Safari, Emilia Romagna

  • Where is it: Via dei Tre Lati, 2x, 48125 Savio (Ravenna)
  • Size: 35 hectares
  • Entrance cost: € 25 full, € 21 reduced

In this safari zoo you can admire over 450 animals in the wild . One of the most popular areas is the island of baboons , a protected species highly valued in this place. There is also an educational farm .

2 – Falconara Zoo Park, Marche

  • Where is it: Via Castello di Barcaglione, 10, 60015 Falconara Marittima (Ancona)
  • Size: 60 hectares
  • Entrance cost: € 12 full, € 10 reduced

Park that is home to many species of birds and many felines , including endangered animals. Among the mammals there are the callimico, the raccoon dog, the white-handed gibbon, the porcupine, the dwarf sheep. There is an educational laboratory .

1 – Citta della Domenica, Umbria
Photo by John.

  • Where is it: Via Col di Tenda, 140, 06132 Perugia
  • Size: 45 hectares
  • Entrance cost: € 16 full, € 12 reduced

And here we are in one of the most popular wildlife parks in Italy, as well as one of the most particular. We are in Perugia: the Citta della Domenica combines exotic animals, farm and amusement park . A real day of relaxation and joy for children and families. It can be visited on foot or by train .

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