In Milan and in large towns in general, the so -called urban style is spreading , strongly inspired by contemporary scenarios and metropolitan atmospheres that recall the settings of American cities, such as Chicago and New York or European cities, such as London and Paris.
The starting idea is to create functional spaces that can perfectly combine comfort, aesthetics and design. The current trend involves the use of versatile furnishings that can be adapted to any context, from two-room apartments with minimal and functional furnishings to larger spaces. Speaking of modern furnishings, the industrial chic style
deserves a mentionwhich can be considered a “rib” of the urban style. The industrial chic aims to recreate the atmosphere of old buildings and factories with a more elegant look; the urban instead proposes glimpses of city life inside the house.
They are by far the two most popular styles in Milan at the moment, so it is worth getting to know them better to understand which one to choose according to your home. The characteristics of the urban style
The urban style , due to its peculiar characteristics, fits well in small apartmentswhere the password is functionality. The living area can quickly be transformed into a bedroom by simply opening the sofa or using foldaway beds, while the living space is mainly used on weekends.
In such a hectic life, especially in a busy city like Milan, the apartment is lived above all on weekends. This is why a simple dining table is the ideal solution for having breakfast in the morning or a light dinner in the evening. There are guests or you want to organize some dinner on the weekend
. A table with an extension is enough. The characteristics of the industrial chic style
The industrial chic style fits well in environments with very high ceilings, even with mezzanines and with large windows that enhance the natural lighting. It represents the ideal solution for furnishing homes or large rooms . The search for detail and particular is the key to creating an elegant and refined industrial chic furniture.
Open space is a solution now adopted in almost all modern homes. To divide the spaces you can use bookcases, panels or furniture without resorting to doors or dividing walls, thus giving a greater feeling of lightness to the rooms.
Cement, hardwood or resin floors with a smooth and continuous appearance that recall industrial spaces are recommended. For the surrounding furnishings, materials such as metal and wood should be used, the most popular for industrial chic furnishings . These two materials give life to a contrasting mix between classic and modern that gives a great visual impact to the whole environment.
The architectural elements must enclose the industrial past of the structure or recreate it, thus using worn and lived-in materials and surfaces. Ceiling beams, pipes and exposed bricks are some of the elements to keep in mind for an industrial chic style home. For lighting suspended bulbs, exposed wires and floor spotlights are among the most popular solutions for this style. When classic meets contemporary
Another hybrid style is spreading in Milan, combining classic and contemporary , ideal for small and large apartments. The living area is conceived as an open space and the new distribution of spaces responds to the inhabitants’ need for conviviality.
Baroque mirrors, light herringbone wood parquet, plaster frames and black walls in the living room are elements that coexist peacefully, creating a sumptuous, elegant and refined look capable of achieving a perfect balance between the various styles.
Apartments of these types, as well as those indicated above, can be rented already furnished and ready to be rented on the Welcome Home website. Through this overview of the main styles that characterize the homes of the City; those who intend to try to move, even if only temporarily for personal or business reasons, to a large city, will surely have the clearest ideas to make the best choice.

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