There is a hairstyle that, no matter what the hair trends are, is worn every summer. We are talking about surf waves and this summer Mercadona gives us the key to wearing the summer hairstyle for less than 3 euros. After being blown away by her new hair mask, we didn’t want to miss out on our latest Mercadona discovery. It is a spray for surf waves that costs less than 3 euros and with which getting the summer hairstyle has never been so easy.
Easy to apply(you just have to apply it to your hair and let it dry), Mercadona’s spray for surf waves is another one of those miracle products with which the supermarket chain has once again earned a little hole in our vanity case.
We have already said that it is worth less than 3 euros (2.70 euros, to be exact) and its super cheap price is one of the most positive aspects of the Mercadona spray, but the fact is that the surf waves that are achieved with it are even better . Super natural and as if you had just come out of the sea, the surf waves that Mercadona’s spray achieves are those with which you dream from the first day of summer to the last.
After having bought millions of products that tell us that with them we will achievethe most perfect surfer waves of the summer , we can say that Mercadona’s spray doesn’t lie. We and our fine hair have tried it and we must say that we have loved the results. So much so that we have recommended the Mercadona spray for surf waves to all our friends. Also our little trick when applying it to the hair. You must apply it to damp hair and then make two rolls with the hair (which you will pick up with two clips) and to let it dry, when you release them you will freak out.

What is the secret of Mercadona’s spray for surf waves

The answer is quite simple. Why when we go to the beach and swim in the sea do we have those beautiful and natural surf waves

the sea contains salt and this is the one that achieves that wavy effect that we like so much .
The same thing happens with Mercadona’s spray for surf waves . The salt spray is a combination of salts, minerals and marine extracts that manage to imitate the effect of sea water on the texture of the hair, a very natural and beautiful wave that is achieved after a day at the beach.
The effect of salt on the hair forms new hydrogen bonds and, to a greater extent, salt captures water, drying the fiber, activating the curl and giving rise to the surfer waves that we like so much . That is the secret of Mercadona’s spray for surf waves and that is why it is such an effective product for such an affordable price.

Perfect surf waves with Mercadona’s spray

We can’t spend the whole summer on the beach (too bad we’re not rich) nor can we go to the hairdresser every day (too bad not to be rich, again), that’s why we’re in love with Mercadona’s star product that gets you the summer hairstyle for less than 3 euros .
Under the name of Deliplus Surfing Waves , suitable for all types of hair and with 2 ProFix fixing, this product will make your hair look perfect surfer waves with which you can show off a great summer look. The formula of this spray includes sea foam extracts to help fix and control those waves in the hair.

Does Mercadona’s spray leave hair looking

Absolutely not. Unlike other fixing products, Mercadona’s spray for surfing waves achieves a natural finish without that stiff feeling left by products such as foam . When it comes to betting on the summer hairstyle, it is key that the look is as natural as possible (without looking like we have stiff hair).

How to use the Mercadona spray for surf waves

This spray can be used with both wet and dry hair, applied directly to the hair. We have already said that one of the tricks to achieve the surfer waves effect is to make two rolls on the head and hold them with tweezers, but we can also use the diffuser for more marked waves.
Although, our favorite way to get those super natural surf waves is to do the roll trick and apply some heat to them with the blow dryer . We can also create the wave with the fingertips and apply heat (in the direction in which we are making the wave) with the dryer. We love this trick because the results are spectacular (those of us who have fine hair and dream of J-style waves. We can attest to it)
This spray isthe sale in Mercadona for 2.70 euros and everything to the point that it will be one of the best-selling products of the summer.

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