Summer has positive aspects for our hair and that is why it is our favorite season. It is the perfect time to bet on layered haircuts, since the good temperatures invite us to let our hair dry in the cool and have good results . Although what we like most about summer is that we can get some of the most trendy summer hairstyles. We are talking about surfer waves and how good they feel in any summer look, although, as with everything, this hairstyle has some summer inconveniences, but nothing that our latest discovery in Mercadona does not solve .
A few days ago, the Valencian supermarket chain presented us with the surf waves spray with which to achieve the summer hairstyle and now it is launching the product with which to put an end to the problem of frizz that summer humidity can cause in our surf waves. It is a hair serum from Mercdona with which you will prevent your surf waves from getting frizzy this summer and you can show off your long hair at a super low cost price.
Mercadona’s hair serum is called Serum Liss Frizz Control and is ideal for hair with a tendency to frizz, as it repairs the hair, leaving it with a smooth and shiny texture.. It is the ideal product for those people who have unruly hair and who want to take care of it, although the summer humidity makes even the smoothest hair tend to curl and the surfer waves that we have made with so much effort look damaged. That is why this hair serum is going to become our best ally to avoid frizz in summer .

This is Mercadona’s hair serum that keeps frizz at bay

Mercadona seems to have a special sensor to detect our needs, especially in summer. That is why we are delighted that they have released this hair serum that prevents frizz . This is the Liss Frizz Control Serumfrom Deliplus, which not only illuminates and gives shine to your hair, but also provides thermal protection that will prevent your hair from deteriorating (a key aspect now in summer if we want to avoid damage from the sun, salt and chlorine ).
Other treatments, especially those in cream format, have the drawback that they can weigh down the hair. However, the fluid texture of this serum circumvents this problem.
Among other vegetable oils, it contains camellia oil . This provides fatty acids that prevent hair from drying out and becoming brittle. In addition, it repairs the damage caused by treatments such as dyes or permanents .
Another of its components is vitamin E, which helps prevent and even stop hair loss . It also facilitates the absorption of other nutrients, which will make your hair healthier .

How to apply Mercadona’s hair serum

To achieve brilliant results with this hair serum that prevents frizz in our summer surf waves, you have to apply between two and four drops and spread them over the ends of the hair, which has to be be wet It is important to note that it does not have to be clarified . Once the product has been applied, it can be left to dry in the open air or done with the dryer.

Advice for applying the product: When making surf waves, we can apply the product in two ways. We can apply it in the recommended way, that is, with damp hair and before drying it, or we can apply a couple of drops on the fingertips and shape the surfer waves once we have them done. In this way we will be closing the hair fibers and we will avoid that frizz of the hair.

How much is Mercadona’s hair serum worth Mercadona

‘s hair serum with which you will prevent your surf waves from getting frizzy this summer is sold in a 200 ml format and can be purchased for 4.35 euros . To achieve the results of this serum, you have to apply a very small amount, since the effect is noticeable immediately andthe product goes a long way .

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