One of the keys to Mercadona’s success is knowing how to stay ahead of the competition in terms of the needs and products demanded by its customers. Rare is the week in which you don’t release something new within your products or an improved version of something that your customers would have claimed in advance. Closeness, attention, active listening and resolution. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a beauty product, essential foods, exclusive whims of its brands at the best price or foods especially to strengthen the mind or body, such as the Mercadona butter most sought after by athletes to increase their muscle mass. .
the peanut butterTraditional is one of Mercadona’s greatest successes. Considered by many to be the best and healthiest peanut butter in supermarkets. Ingredients with no additives, no added sugars, no colorants, no preservatives, no palm oil. Only and exclusively peanut. And at the best price (500 gram pot for only 3 euros). Well, now, through its Hacendado brand, it has put Crunchy peanut butter on sale, along the same lines as the traditional one, with defatted peanut powder from Mercadona that contains almost 47% vegetable protein and the crunchiness of the peanut pieces inside the cream.

Mercadona’s peanut butter and its viral effect

These are the nutritional details of a peanut butterthat has not taken long to attract the attention of professionals and influencers of nutrition and sports , something that has achieved an important viral effect. For every 100 grams of Mercadona’s peanut butter we find:
Calories: 618 Kcal.
Fats: 50 grams (saturated: 6.8 grams)
Carbohydrates: 7 grams
Sugars: 3.6 grams Dietary
fiber: 9.9 grams.
Proteins: 30 grams.
Salt: 0.02 grams.
One of those people who has most influenced the boom in this butter in recent days has been the personal trainer @Fran_Trainer, who dedicates his Instagram account to making healthy food recommendationsto carry a diet and achieve the pertinent goals in the acquisition of body volume. His more than 80,000 followers took good note of his opinion regarding Mercadona’s crunchy peanut butter

“A novelty that will blow your mind, perfect to be able to incorporate into your diet and its flavor is incredible,” he commented through his ‘feed ‘. The response of his followers was immediate. “We’ll buy it,” commented ‘Dudyfit’, I love peanut butter, I have the normal Mercadona one and I’m looking forward to trying this one with pieces, ‘Lorpanda’ insisted.
At the moment it may be that the crunchy peanut butter has not reached all the Mercadona establishments in Spain, but if you are in fitness mode and want to take care of your diet without giving up flavor, everything indicates that this Hacendado product cannot be missing from your pantry.

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