It may be that by now you have already written your letter to the Three Wise Men and you are very clear about what you want their Majesties to give you this year. To your endless list of beauty products, which are always a good option as a Christmas gift, this year more sustainable gift options are added and, of course, some fashion items.
If, like us, you are a fashion lover, you have already had your eye on that super trendy garment that you hope to see on Kings morning among your gifts. A very elegant coatand warm, the jewel shoes with which you will save all your future looks or that dress that you love but that you do not dare to buy because it seems too expensive are some of the fashion items that we know you have ordered this year for Christmas.
We, while looking for that outfit with which to make our party look this Christmas a different story, we have found the most ideal gift that, without a doubt, will be in our letter to the Three Wise Men. After falling in love with Nuria Roca’s geometric suit, we wanted to find the low cost version of it to bet on it in our Christmas looks and, while we discovered the cheap option that Mango recommended, we found the most ideal jacket in the world .
also fromMango , the tuxedo jacket that has conquered us, is black with wide white lapels , a perfect option for all our most elegant outfits and that, without a doubt, we have already included in our letter to the Three Kings.

A tuxedo type jacket for your most elegant ‘looks’

The option of a garment as a Christmas gift always deserves special attention. Giving fashion at Christmas implies investing in a garment that is durable over time. Although the classic socks are always a gift that never fails, when giving clothes for Christmas we must bet that the garment is something more special.
That is to say, that it is not a garment that we ourselves would buy on any afternoon after work, since we want it to be a special garment and that we are excited about. That’s why the Mango tuxedo jacket seems like a perfect gift option.
It is the typical jacket that you see and fall in love with but then don’t buy because you prefer to spend the money on four rags that you will give much more use to. But, deep down, you really want it to be yours and that’s why the only way we can think of to achieve it is for you to include it in your letter to the Three Wise Men.
But what is it about this jacket that makes us like it so much
First of all, its tuxedo cut seems perfect and super elegant to make this our reference jacket when it comes to opting for an elegant look with a masculine air. The second, the combination of black and white , in which white is the protagonist of the wide lapels, seems wonderful to us.
Both the cut and the color combination make this jacket a staple to have in your wardrobe for any event. A cocktail night with pleated trousers, a more informal event with jeans and XXL boots or a wedding, a night in which we feel like innovating. Haven’t you included it in your letter to the Three Wise Men yet
Their Majesties should know that the jacket is priced at 79.99 euros.

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